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User Interface Development

User interface development entails the production of information and computer systems for effective use by the targeted users (Benyon, Green, & Bental, 2012). The process of developing a website requires input from users and this raises the need to have in place some guidelines on the users and interface relations....

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Usability Evaluation

Online surveys have become very popular, both in professional research and for amateurs who are looking for entertainment or conducting informal research. While free online survey platforms such as Survey Monkey and QuestionPro can provide an easy way to conduct a survey for the average person, designing, delivering and determining...

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Usability For Users From All Over The World

Did you know that technology users are not just for young people and working professionals? Older users like the seniors have also joined the crowd. As we enter the 21nd century, technology has been one of the most essential tools in our lives. No matter the users are people with...

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Factors Influencing Purchasing Decisions for Clothing

We would be willing to say that the single most psychologically interesting category of consumer good is clothing; the evidence supporting such a position is ample, and it could be argued fairly easily. Even those who disagree, though, would certainly concede that an individual’s fashion choices are of enormous psychological...

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The Impact of Online Music Piracy on the Modern Music Industry and Its Consumer’s Behaviour

The following paper discusses the phenomenon of music piracy and its impact on the current state of the music industry. First, it presents the background information that covers the process of music piracy development and popularization making emphasis on such its result as music sales decrease. Further, the paper analyses...

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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