The case involving an inappropriate relationship between White House Intern, Monica Lewinski and President Bill Clinton in 1998 is considered the first case of cyberbullying. The relationship reached its peak when it became public after Lewinski revealed the affair to her friend about the sexual relationship. However, the private conversation leaked to the news and later turned into gossip that spread out all over world. In an effort to bring into light the issue of cyberbullying, Ms. Lewinski embarked large-scale effort to bring down the Internet trolls and bright into light the issue of cyberbullying. Ms. Lewinski has since become the leading advocate against cyberbullying.
Ms. Lewinski has been speaking about the other individuals whose life has also been affected by the actions of other people over the internet. Based on the negative experienced she went through as well as the suffering that many people with similar experience had gone through over the internet, Ms. Lewinski now feels it is her mission to bring to an end the problem of cyberbullying and the drastic effects it has on its victims. Ms. Lewinski has already spoken in numerous public and private agencies and organizations in regard to the short term and long term effects of cyberbullying on the victims and also their families.

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In addition, one of the impetus that encouraged her to actively take action on the issue of cyberbullying was the case of Tyler Clementi, a college student who was kissing another boy in his room while being secretly being taped by his roommate. The tape was spread through the Internet and because Tyler could not face the shame, he committed suicide by jumping from the George Washington Bridge to his death. His parents established an organization to help the victims of cyber bullying. This organization is among the many organizations that are helping cyber bullying victims to cope with the reality of the harmful statements and images spread over the Internet.