Technology has substantially changed how things are done in the world. For instance, the way communication is conducted has been considerably transformed. However, it is not only how people communicate has changed, but even the way war is conducted has also substantially changed. Currently, sophisticated technology is used in war. Some of the most common of these weapons include nuclear weapons of mass destruction and robotics. Langner (2011) maintains that these weapons are considered as efficient and reliable in as compared to the traditional techniques. As such, considering the evolution of technology conventional warfare has no place in the contemporary society.

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Pros and Cons of Warfare and How It Is Currently Waged
According to Langner (2011) there are different implications of war. These effects can be categorized into two broad groups’ namely economic impacts of war and environmental impacts of war. Economically, war contributes to the lack of stability in the market. This is mainly because business cannot be conducted while there is war. As well, war leads to the destruction of business property such as building and goods. This makes it very difficult for business transactions to be conducted. The major advantage of warfare is that it makes a nation powerful if they are strong in war.

War also leads to environmental challenges. One of the significant environmental implications is that it leads to the pollution of the environment. For instance, when the property is destroyed it produces a lot of smoke that pollutes the environment. However, various strategies have been implemented before to prevent wars. One of the major strategies that have been utilized to wage war is to form peace treaties. Peace treaties such as the United Nations have played a crucial role in ensuring that the world is peaceful.

In conclusion, there is a significant increase of dangers of chemical and biological weapons. These weapons not only lead to massive destruction of property but also lead to the destruction of the environment. As such, governments should find amicable solutions to ensure that causes of war are identified and prevented to avoid economic, environmental, and other impacts.

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