The advent of information systems has initiated the emergency of cyberbullying in the society. The victims of cyberbullying do not get physical confrontations, but they undergo massive pain through emotions that leaves them with lasting effects. The negative impact of cyberbullying is manifested in the manner that is reduces the self-esteem of the victims by making them feel ashamed. Most of the people associated with cyberbullying have mental challenges that make them resort to embracing the cowardice acts of bullying other people through online platforms. Cyberbullying is one of the biggest threat to social and physical comfort of an individual because the operational and structural orientations of the internet platforms makes it very difficult for the victims to get justice through teachers, parents or police officers. Therefore, cyber bullying is a typical manifestation of the lack of integrity to humanity and the society should be combined against it.
Cyberbullying has taken a wide dimension because anybody that uses the internet platforms can be a victim of the vice as opposed to the traditional physical bullying among peers. The emergence of social networking entities has predisposed several people to attacks from the through the online applications. Exclusions occur when someone is not being included in an event that appears in chartrooms through social media. Outing is a deliberate humiliation to someone though online posting. Frapping refers to entering into a social network site and impersonating another individual without consent. Trickery is the act of gaining someone’s trust to learn a secret and expose the secret through the online platforms. Trolling is a deliberate act of provoking a response though the use of inappropriate language on social networking sites. Catfish is using ones identity without the permission of the individual. Sexing is the act of sending nude or seminude images though use of one’s phone or social media account. Power hungry bullying describes a situation where an individual looks for attention and wants to control the victim by bullying them

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There are other bullying situations whereby the victims of bullying try to get back to the social media platforms with an intension of revenging even without good bullying and computer skills. Mean girl bullying pure seeks to achieve no reason and it increases the amount of people who like them by being mean to other users.

Vengeful angel bullying describes a situation where a person wants to help protect s friend and do not perceive themselves to be bullies. Inadvertent cyberbullies do not know that they hurt others by their activities because they always do not have an intention of bullying. Social media has various effects on the teens because of their physical and psychological alignments. Social networking promotes the development of the brains of the teens because this is the stage at which the frontal lobes develop giving allowances for ethical and reasoned making of decisions. Through disinhibiting, the use of technology inhibits the ability of the teens to link actions and consequences. This leads to lack of visibility in perceptions because it heightens the level of disapproval which is critical towards the creation of anonymity. The impact of the online engagements also reduces the level of remorse and empathy because of the lack of physical touch among the parties involved. Social networking is crucial towards the exploration of identity among the teens because it initiates self-image development including sexuality. Consequently, teens on social media are able to build their personalities by establishing their positions in their social dimensions.