Does this case study reflect on the cyber security threats?The case explores different cyber security issues that are present in the contemporary world. For instance, the cable disruption by natural calamities, sabotage, and accidents has played a significant role in cutting down the internet communication in the US and other nations. Secondly, extortion, child exploitation, identity theft, and fraud threatens people`s confidence in using the online services to conduct their businesses. Virtual cyberspace is also a major threat to the cyber security. The cheap and easy ways available for cyber criminals to create virtual location enhances the cyber threats.

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What risks are understated, overstated, or misstated?
The technical challenges can result in a global disruption of the cyber services is an overstatement. The existence of backup systems guarantees the continuity of the main servers. Furthermore, it is impossible for a technical problem in a country to cause a worldwide failure in the cyber operations. Other than the overstated threat, no other threat is misstated or understated in the document.

Do you agree with the proposed norms as elements of cyber security?
I agree with the proposed principle norms because they ensure safe of the internet. Every internet user has the freedom to operate online and offline. Furthermore, the policy protects individuals with property security that is secured through trademarks, patents, and copyrights. The State is also required to allow the citizens to have privacy while browsing and protect them from cyber criminals.

Do you agree that Internet access is a human right?
I agree that internet access is a human right because many business and social events take place in the cyber world. Therefore, it is inappropriate for anyone to deny an individual the right to access the Internet. Additionally, the majority of people socialize in the online world.

What is the priority if the three Diplomacy, Defense, and Development?
Diplomacy is the priority when compared to Defense and Development. A diplomatic country creates a partnership with other nations; thus, reducing chances of war. If a state implements diplomacy, the defense would not be necessary because the two countries cannot engage in a fight. Furthermore, diplomacy enhances business transactions between partners. Consequently, the business leads to development.

What is the best tactic in managing cybercrime?
It is apparent that diplomacy should be the tactic that should be employed to mitigate cybercrimes. Diplomacy will enhance the defense of the country due to support by the partnering nations and stimulate development to build better systems for fighting cyber criminals.