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Law Enforcement Challenges & Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a growing threat to national security (United States Department of Justice, 2014). Yet, cybercrime differs from other types of crime. In investigating exploitation, cyber stalking and obscenities, law enforcement face an array of challenges. Determine the jurisdiction is one of the greatest challenges law enforcement professionals face. Although...

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Edward Snowden and the NSA

Over the last several years, cyber attacks have been continually rising. This is in response to emerging threats from rogue nations and terrorist groups. They are increasing their attacks on government, military and civilian installations. According to James Clapper (the Director of National Intelligence) these threats have become so severe....

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Global Security Policy

This paper describes some of the issues related to maintaining a security policy for a company that has offices is multiple countries. Securing a company’s vital information is a challenge in one state, but having offices in different countries multiply challenges. One of the first concerns is the international aspect....

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Cybercrime Trail

Instances of credit card fraud had been detected, on-going for a number of months, and suspected as resulting from a security breach occurring through the production network environment at one specific company specializing in electronic payment software used primarily in the retail and service sectors. However, it was determined after...

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Face Perception

Mondloch et al (1999) tested twelve-week old human babies, six-week-old human babies, and newborn human babies using a standardized methodology based upon the Teller acuity card procedure. This procedure involves an observer who is unaware of the precise stimuli that are presented throughout the course of each trial making a...

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Information Systems Security

Over the years, significant advancements have been made in technology. Big organizations and companies now invest heavily on safe storage and protection of sensitive digital information. At any given time, digital information is continuously being exchanged the world over. Similar to any property, information can also be stolen. There is,...

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Internet Privacy: Who Is Responsible?

The every-increasing number of users on social media websites as well as the ever-increasing number of online shoppers increases the already-present concern regarding privacy on the Internet. Privacy on the Internet can also be thought of as information privacy, which can be defined as “one’s ability to control information about...

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Computer Crimes’ Categories

According to Carter (1995) there are four major forms of computer crimes, some of which are lesser offenses and some resulting in greater offense. These include crimes where (1) the computer is the target, (2) crimes where the computer is the instrument or vehicle through which crimes occur, (3) crimes...

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The Cyberthreat of Smart Homes: Philips Hue Lightbulb

“Why Light Bulbs May Be the Next Hacker Target” is an article published recently, 2016, in the New York Times. In this article, John Markoff warns that computer hacking is becoming more dangerous in our modernized society. This danger is increasing given our reliance on the Internet of Things. The...

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Potential Attacks

As technology advances at an increasingly rapid rate, we certainly become more vulnerable to malicious attacks and hacking. Of course, there are plenty of experts that work to identify these vulnerabilities and patch up the holes; some people have careers based on that concept. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult...

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Hackers: Criminals or Heroes?

Research Question: Are hackers heroes or criminals? Aim: The aim of this paper is to analyze examples of hacking activity and to estimate whether it may be considered as bringing benefit or harm to society. Type of Focus: Heroes and criminals Introduction elements: Hook 1: Dozens of hackers have been...

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Questions and Answers on the Virtual Reality Cyber Security

Analyze Assets that might be in riskThe computer system is an asset that is at risk of failure. If the human factor does not maintain the computer system regularly, the computer can crash. An unmaintained computer system is susceptible to hackers who access the computer software without permission. Therefore, the...

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Blogs on 3D Printing and Digital Privacy

Blog 7: 3D Printing 3D printing is sometimes referred to as additive manufacturing. It is the process used to create 3-dementioal static and motion pictures under computer control. 3D printing is achieved through an additive processes, which involves adding an extra layers to create a definitive project. Technologically, additive printing...

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Cybercrime Issues

Cybercrime, or simply computer aided crime, is a form of criminal activity that involves the use of a computer over a network. In brief, it involves a criminal using a computer to commit an offense. In other cases, the computer might be the target of the criminal. Most forms of...

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Cloud Migration Strategies

One of the major woes in any project management such as cloud-migration project in an organization is a scenario where costs overrun the budget. It is the responsibility of project manager to ascertain inefficiencies and take corrective actions so as to achieve projects goals; however, it is not always easy...

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Cyber Security (IT security)

Cyber security or IT security refers to a framework that focuses on protection of computers, programs, data, and networks from unauthorized or unintended access, destruction, or change [3]. The government agencies, corporations, the military, hospitals, financial institutions, and many other groups often tend to collect, store, and process confidential information...

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Cybersecurity: Questions and Answers

Does this case study reflect on the cyber security threats?The case explores different cyber security issues that are present in the contemporary world. For instance, the cable disruption by natural calamities, sabotage, and accidents has played a significant role in cutting down the internet communication in the US and other...

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Internet Safety

To implement FERPA and protect student records, I would place all student records on a database that is inaccessible to anyone except those who are authorized to see those records. Administrators and IT workers would be the only ones to have unrestricted access to the database. Other workers would have...

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Cyber Fraud And Its Impact

In 2014 an estimated 93 percent of financial services organizations experienced cyber attacks and threats, with more than 52 percent having a reimbursement policy of all losses related to cyber crimes not being investigated, resulting in a "financial data loss between $66,000 - $938,000, depending on the size of the...

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Cisco Systems And Application Of Core Management Functions

Challenges in the current working environment are regarded as the drivers of innovation and implementation of adaptive management practices in order to increase their survival, competitiveness, and differentiation advantage. The technology industry is rapidly changing requiring application of the core management concepts optimally to ensure that the unpredictable fluctuations do...

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