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Practitioners in all fields and disciplines use research evidence to justify their decisions. Therefore, the quality of research findings plays a huge role in how various practical approaches, models, and decisions are implemented. Criminal justice is no exception to this rule. The growing body of qualitative and quantitative research provides...

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Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems

This paper explores two types of security systems: firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Both of these systems are used to monitor network traffic using security policies. A firewall system filters out unwanted, possibly harmful elements form the internet to a local network. Basically, firewalls act as barriers that allow some...

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E-commerce Security Threats

An e-commerce platform is susceptible to cyber-crime as it is a business site. The USA has had 73% cases of cyber-crimes in 2016 alone (Hewes, 2016). Every country has a team that is always working to reduce or deals with cases of hacking of internet data. The hackers mostly target...

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Network Security Risks

The first personal computer (PC) virus detected in the wild was Brain; it was identified in 1986, created by two brothers in Pakistan (Kersten, 2013). Earlier PC viruses, those released in the 1980s and 1990s, were easier to detect than their current counterparts, less malicious, and easier to remove. Since...

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Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

With the increase in computer system attack, information security is of grave concern in the view of many users. As the breach of security scales upwards with each passing moment, the vulnerability assessment tools also become more available. An intrusion occurs when an attacker tries to invade information with the...

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