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Law Enforcement Challenges & Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a growing threat to national security (United States Department of Justice, 2014). Yet, cybercrime differs from other types of crime. In investigating exploitation, cyber stalking and obscenities, law enforcement face an array of challenges. Determine the jurisdiction is one of the greatest challenges law enforcement professionals face. Although...

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Edward Snowden and the NSA

Over the last several years, cyber attacks have been continually rising. This is in response to emerging threats from rogue nations and terrorist groups. They are increasing their attacks on government, military and civilian installations. According to James Clapper (the Director of National Intelligence) these threats have become so severe....

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Global Security Policy

This paper describes some of the issues related to maintaining a security policy for a company that has offices is multiple countries. Securing a company’s vital information is a challenge in one state, but having offices in different countries multiply challenges. One of the first concerns is the international aspect....

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Cybercrime Trail

Instances of credit card fraud had been detected, on-going for a number of months, and suspected as resulting from a security breach occurring through the production network environment at one specific company specializing in electronic payment software used primarily in the retail and service sectors. However, it was determined after...

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Face Perception

Mondloch et al (1999) tested twelve-week old human babies, six-week-old human babies, and newborn human babies using a standardized methodology based upon the Teller acuity card procedure. This procedure involves an observer who is unaware of the precise stimuli that are presented throughout the course of each trial making a...

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