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Hackers: Criminals or Heroes?

Research Question: Are hackers heroes or criminals? Aim: The aim of this paper is to analyze examples of hacking activity and to estimate whether it may be considered as bringing benefit or harm to society. Type of Focus: Heroes and criminals Introduction elements: Hook 1: Dozens of hackers have been...

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Questions and Answers on the Virtual Reality Cyber Security

Analyze Assets that might be in riskThe computer system is an asset that is at risk of failure. If the human factor does not maintain the computer system regularly, the computer can crash. An unmaintained computer system is susceptible to hackers who access the computer software without permission. Therefore, the...

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Blogs on 3D Printing and Digital Privacy

Blog 7: 3D Printing 3D printing is sometimes referred to as additive manufacturing. It is the process used to create 3-dementioal static and motion pictures under computer control. 3D printing is achieved through an additive processes, which involves adding an extra layers to create a definitive project. Technologically, additive printing...

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Cybercrime Issues

Cybercrime, or simply computer aided crime, is a form of criminal activity that involves the use of a computer over a network. In brief, it involves a criminal using a computer to commit an offense. In other cases, the computer might be the target of the criminal. Most forms of...

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Cloud Migration Strategies

One of the major woes in any project management such as cloud-migration project in an organization is a scenario where costs overrun the budget. It is the responsibility of project manager to ascertain inefficiencies and take corrective actions so as to achieve projects goals; however, it is not always easy...

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