People have always used dancing to express their emotional life. I believe that an ability to show one’s mood and emotions through the actions, without saying any words, is a true art. The dances called “Now” and “Roof Dancing” are the perfect examples of how movements, lighting, and music may create a clear image of one’s feelings.
“Now” is a dance that aims to tell the audience a modern story of tragic love. While enjoying the performance, people meet with two gay lovers, who are struggling for their right to be happy together. Two men are confused about their feelings and the way other people see them. As a result, they suffer from an inability to decide, who they are and what are their places in society. The dancers expressed their emotions with the movements of their hands and bodies. Still, it was clear that they felt uncomfortable about what they really are. The men were holding each other hands to demonstrate unity, but they were separated from each other the next moment.

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The movements of the dancers were smooth – it was a combination of ballet and modern dancing. As long as they were focused on expression, ballet movements helped the men to show the romance and love that they had between each other. Although the dancers were concise in their actions, their story was really tragic. Being torn between loving and fighting, the characters of the story were struggling with their true self. It was hard for them to accept the fact that they were gay, which caused the distance between the lovers. When one of the dancers got sick, however, they both realized that they were wasting their time being separate.

The men have used gray hoods to show how they wanted to hide from the public. This was a perfect choice, as their costumes added more sense of insecurity when the lovers were dancing together. Each dancer showed that they had hard times with the fact that they are gay, and the other was always ready to support his partner. They have made the stage pretty bright when they took off the hoods to show that they were ready to recognize their true selves and to present it to the world.

The second dance, called “Roof Dancing”, was about a man hosting a really fancy and big party at the roof of his house. This performance aimed to describe the joy of life, as the main hero seemed to be happy and wealthy. The way he acted to show that he is on a roof of the house was really outstanding. At first, the man looked down from the stage, and then, he asked other people to join him. They were dancing jazz, which is one of the most freedom-loving, seductive, and frank styles. Till the end of the dance, the performance turned into the battle between men and women.

While the people were dancing jazz, their leader tried to challenge them. Most movements were incredible. The man started dancing, and his peers joined him to show what they got. At first, the boys started dancing altogether. Then, they left the stage in order to see what their girls can do. Women’s dancing was interesting, as they started moving with a lot of excitement. As long as they were smiling, it was clear for the audience that the people on the stage are having real fun. The party ended with the people dancing two by two.

The atmosphere of the party was well-supported by the lightening and decorations, which were really good. The ceiling was decorated with little stylish bulbs. Women were wearing beautiful dresses and the men were in suits. Jazz is believed to be a kind of social dancing – the one can dance jazz in most of the social events and they can have different people to dance with them. In conclusion, the whole concert was colorful and interesting, as it showed the audience that dancing is not only beautiful but also useful. People’s movements are actually the best way to communicate with each other.