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Masculinity in Hip Hop

A favorite of the youth, hip-hop is nevertheless a harmful musical gender because it promotes homophobia and sexism by means of the verses of songs, but also by means of the poses that singers take, their lifestyles, their attitudes, and their behavior. In music video and in other types of...

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History of Mexican Folk Dancing

Mexican folk dancing began in the Mesoamerican era when the Mayans and Aztecs performed dances to satisfy the deities. These dances were performed by the elite within the culture in religious ceremonies. The lower classes within the culture at this time performed Mexican folk dances to ask the gods to...

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The History of European Ballet

IntroductionDifferent forms of art and entertainment seem to share one quality: as they evolve over time, they strongly reflect the changing tastes and thinking of cultures as they evolve themselves. This is certainly true of ballet, an art form dating back to the 16th century. What was in the past...

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Personal Reflective Journal on my Experience with Argentine Tango in and out of Class and at Milongas

Entry 1 Date 10 April 11, 2017Since it was the first lesson of the semester, we began with a brief introduction of ourselves. It was a Tango training lesson in which we were to learn the dance moves. Expectations at the end of the training were spelt out to us....

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Dancing Styles

Each of the dances viewed for this paper were striking in very different ways, portraying different historical influences and styles. At the beginning of the Cossack Dance, the orchestral introduction provides appropriate expectations for what the viewer is about to see; a formal display with military influence. The dancers are...

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