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Introductory Module: The Issue of Defining Dance

Page 1 Often when talking about societies broad generalization are made. However, it is a gross error to assume and broadly characterize dances as being attributed to an entire population. Another term which can be used to describe this erroneous practice is that of “monolithic wholes”. It is important to...

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The Issue of Defining Dance: An Introduction to Western Concert Dance

Note the changes that occurred in the Eighteenth Century, Nineteenth Century, and Twentieth Century as noted in the text Ballet continued to redefine its role in theatrical productions and the vocabulary of the dance (also known as the codified steps of Ballet) Understand the relationship of music and movement in...

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In the Time of the Butterflies

The performance of “In the Time of the Butterflies” based on a novel by Julia Alavarez, directed by Roberto D. Pomo and was held by Department of Theatre & Dance at Shasta Hall of Sacramento State University on October 18 of 2017. To set the stage for the play, the...

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The Evolution Of Ballet

Your Majesty, Although Your Majesty did establish the first formal ballet school, Académie Royale de Danse, in the early eighteenth century there were no independent ballet. Ballet existed only as a physical and visual part of operas and court dance, and was promoted mostly thanks to Your Majesty’s love for...

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Movement as a Dance

The main theme of the article is that human beings are designed to move. The focus is on the fact that from the time we were infants, pleasurable non-purposeful movement led to our developmental processes, however, we leave behind this movement that we employed just to feel good, and only...

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