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The Essence Of Dance

Defining a physical, emotional, and intellectual activity such as dance is a challenging yet thought-provoking undertaking. Some define dance as an art form, others define it as a sport. Still others define dance as the physical expression of an idea, a story, or a song. Often, dance is defined as...

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Dracula Dance

Dracula dance was kind of what I expected when the dance is entitled Dracula dance. With Halloween coming up, it seems like a lot of unnecessary ‘ genre forces’ come around. That being said, the dance was not bad; it was good. It was up to my standards, and what...

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Sacramento/Black Art of Dance: Dancing the Spirit

Introduction For three nights between 9th and 12th November 9, 2017, the California State University in Sacramento held the Black Art of Dance. The dance performance was held in the University of Nordhoff’s Hall. The building is aptly designed for theatrical performances. During the dance, it provided enough space for...

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Bust a move through Dance

Abstract Despite the extensive history of dance worldwide, only small bits of its history and global significance were addressed in its early history as a formal discipline. Since its formal study in the US beginning in the 1920s, dance has slowly become more inclusive and now explores the dance histories...

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Dance Africa

Was it authentic? Hell yes. What most drew me into the performance was the focus and determination of the dancers. They were coordinated and moved intelligently and it was mesmerizing. They moved quickly but with control and although they jumped and sprinted it was still a heavy performance, not light,...

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