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Big Band Dance Response

The purpose of this paper is to discuss research on a dance trend from the Big Band Era and to look at its connection to this era. During the course of the paper, I also look at the important and unique elements of Big Band Era Dance. After the major...

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Middle Eastern Dance

Middle Eastern dance is a broad term that encompasses all dances of the Middle East and neighboring territories. According to many scholars, Middle Eastern dance comes from ancient dances that were popular among different people inhabiting Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia, India, and other ancient civilizations. Many scholars are arguing about the...

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Analysis of Dance

The dancers in question embody the four key elements of dance in ways that are worthy of exploration. At the outset, it should be mentioned that there occurs a marked binary distinction between the genders, with the male dancer occupying something of a poised and upright role, and the female...

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Dabke Dance Style

‘Dabke’ is the name for modern Levantine Arab folk circle dance that originates from Canaanite. Over the centuries, the dance gained tremendous popularity in the Middle East region, and specifically in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. The dance is traditional for joyous and wedding celebrations. Dabke stretches...

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Ballet Final

OneGiselle is noticeable because of the positioning of the dancers across the stage. There's a prominent male and female dancer among the rest of the group but much of the male dancer's time is spent off to the side or not directly in the focus of the shot. Mikhail Baryshnikov...

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