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Ask and Tell

The fall dance theater concert displayed a number of dances that were educative and entertaining. However, two dances attracted my attention. The first dance was named “Ask and Tell” and was performed by two outstanding performers Angelo Martin and Dylan Ochoa. The storyline of the dance is a dream and...

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Fall Dance Concert

“Ask and Tell” by Angelo Martin and Dylan Ochoa impressed me the most from Act I at the fall dance concert. This performance tells the love story of two men in the army. Seated on a chair, a young man expresses himself through the spotlight dancing. He wants to become...

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Discussion on Dance is a Radical Art

The article by Kimerer LaMothe entitled, “To Dance is a Radical Act”, emphasizes the impact that dance has on modern culture, and more specifically, the ways in which dance challenges the concept of modern society and the values that fuel the modern world, especially the western world. The reasons for...

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Dance from the Year 2000 to Today

This paper looks at the current trends in dance from the year 2000. It does this by zooming in on four different dance styles which are popular across the globe. These styles incorporate a variety of fairly new dances as well as older ones that seem new, but have a...

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Architecture and Dancing

The purpose of this paper is to write about my visit to the Branch Museum of Architecture and Design on Monument Avenue at North Davis Avenue, Richmond VA, when I went to see the special visiting exhibit entitled: “Ballet Pas de Deux: An Exhibition of Dance and Architecture.” This event...

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