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Shiva as Lord of Dance

Shiva a Hindu god who symbolizes destruction is also referred to as Nataraja, the Hindu god of dancers. The word Nataraja is derived from Nata that refers to dance, raj referring to the lord. The core image of Nataraja is achieved through a canonical form made of bonze that was...

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Movement as Dance: A Journey Backward

In her article “Movement as Dance: A Journey Backward”, dance educator Jo Leissa Dickinson discusses the benefits of creative dance for achieving higher awareness of one’s own self. She observes that most people limit the range of their movements as they grow older because of their increasing alienation with their...

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Some Facts about Dance

This article discusses the human movement and its effects on the holistic functioning of them. Movement is critical to the expressing people's responses. The authors indicate that reducing movement lives to the task-oriented movement leaves people with poor movement, despite the fact that it is expected to enrich people. The...

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Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre Dance

African American Social Vernacular Dances have influenced the Western Concert Dance both on stage and film in various ways. The later acquires different dancing styles that are used in performing African American Social Vernacular Dances thus contributing to spread of economic, political, cultural and musical styles of African American. The...

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Movement as Dance

Movement is an inherent natural capacity we all have inside us; we move much as children, however, with maturity our physical movement gives way to task-oriented movement. In other words, with the lack of physical movement, we get movement–poor. Hence, deprived of physical movement, we lack human encounter with others....

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