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Writing about Dance

Non- Western Dance None western dance is unique in various aspects based on its mode of information passage and display (Dils 5). The unique information relay and stage delivery is one of the elements which was more attractive or likeable on the non- western dance video view. Reasons for liking...

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Intro to Modern Dance: Final Paper

The following paper explores in detail the modern dance videos, commenting on the various elements that can be found in the dance. The aspects of space, time, force, shape, and floor design are studied closely. The music and costumes are brought into the picture. What is more, I explain in...

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Writing Dance Criticism

The article that was chosen for consideration in the following reflection is “On Your Fingertips: Writing Dance Criticism,” which was written by Banes (1994). It is possible to note that the given narrative represents a vast array of thoughtful considerations regarding the aspects of creating the criticism of dance performances....

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Philosophy of Dance

Though dance styles may incorporate elements of various origins, some styles are able to claim ownership through their consistency. Their dance style origins being so widespread and diverse we cannot as a consensus define their ownership. Early ballet was thought to transcend a man’s passions and desires in a way...

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