DATAMARK is a data capturing technology and its Enterprise Content Management solution has recognition technologies to capture data, reducing the need for manual data entry. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in El Paso, Texas, DATAMARK’s services use several character recognition methods such as for optical characters, optical marks, intelligent characters, bar codes and magnetic ink characters. Each of its systems are automated and offers lower operating costs, options for processing near and far, improved data entry and better turnaround time. An Enterprise Content Management system like DATAMARK’s encompasses tools, strategies and methods used to manage any and all types of content that enters and organization and maintains is throughout the life cycle of the business.

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DATAMARK prides itself on create end-to-end, top-to-bottom ECM solutions. Industries that benefit from Enterprise Content Management vary: healthcare, transportation, retail and manufacturing, financial and banking, energy and utilities, insurance and government. Technology is an increasing part of the business world, especially with the digital revolution. Although there is buzz about technology making human workers obsolete, the advent of such is inevitable and business and organizations should implement technology whenever and wherever it can, as long as it brings benefits. DATAMARK is a company that brand itself as one that enterprises and organizations outsource to, serving Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and other large enterprises worldwide. In addition to its data capturing, it offers call-center services, digital mailroom management, document processing and document management. On its website, it features case studies with its clients (albeit unnamed), and how DATAMARK’s services has helped them.

In one of the case studies presented on its website, titled “Perfect Harmony,” DATAMARK improved customs document processing for its international client, a courier. The client needed an expert team of document processers, but DATAMARK’s services also included ramping up its data-entry team in order to deliver same-day processing. The courier needed to be able to deliver thousands of shipments daily from the United States to Canada without headaches. Using the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, the client enlisted DATAMARK’s services to solve its problem.

The client’s and DATAMARK’s top priority was to have an improved data-entry and document processing system. DATAMARK established a processing team of 24 data-entry clerks at its nearshore facilities. Since processing documents required high-level English proficiency, DATAMARK chose to employ the clerks at its location on the border of the United States and Mexico. The clerks were to read scanned images of invoices and upload the information to the client’s management and logistics system. DATAMARK ensured that each commercial invoice received from the courier was processed by the next day using the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. The staff had to be more than proficient, but experts in that particular management system.

DATAMARK exceeded the client’s requirements and expectations, with commercial invoice processing done at volumes of more than 4,500 a day. DATAMARK’s client benefitted from nearshore sourcing and a skilled, multilingual workforce trained to read, understand and process complex customs documents. DATAMARK was able to deliver assured turnaround times by the end of the day, meeting and exceeding quality metrics in a short time, reduced costly calls to resolve issues and a reduction in potential document processing costs by 40 percent at the most. In another case study, DATAMARK used its automated data capture service to transform a U.S. health insurance provider’s high-volume mail center. Its data capture services appear to act as a means to an end as a part of an overarching service goal. DATAMARK streamlined the client’s document processing hub, shortening processing times and ensuring rapid processing of said documents, freeing up time, productivity and money.