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Privacy, Confidentiality, and Privilege

While on the surface there may seem to be a blending of the meaning of privacy versus confidentiality, from the perspective of psychology, there is a distinct difference. Both of these terms are individually distinct form the concept of privilege as well. Privacy is the concept that a person’s business,...

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Data Governance – Goldman Sachs

The need for data governance is necessary for almost any corporation, but for large corporations that are subject to government regulations and oversight such as the financial firm of Goldman Sachs having a strict policy for data governance is imperative. IBM in its August 2008 white paper “Getting Started with...

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Data Driven Decision

Data driven decision-making refers to the dissection of numerous data in order to make vital decisions when it comes to school operations, students and teachers. Despite the fact that data collection has been done by schools for lots of decades, the practice has become common over the last 5 years...

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Data Mining Myths

Abstract When taking new approaches to old problems it is not surprising that mistakes may be made. Understanding the approach to big data is necessary before embarking on such a project, which has been described as an art as much as it uses technical skills and science. Data mining cannot...

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Implications of Data Mining Use in Government Agencies

Open source data mining is an advanced computer tool that analyzes large sets of information from multiple sources and detects patterns, trends, and relationships within the data. Future situations and behaviors can then be predicted (Gooch, 2003, ¶ 3). Prior to the use of data mining, obtaining this data was...

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