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Data Collection

A brief description of how to identify secondary data sets. The difference between primary and secondary data depends on whether the research team collects a data set or simply analyzes it (Cambridge, 2013). If the data set is collected by a group of researchers and this team analyzed it on...

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Using Surveys to Collect Data

There are both advantages and disadvantages of survey research. Advantages include the relative ease with which data can be collected using this method, the decreased time it takes to develop this type of survey, cost effectiveness, the ability to administer remotely, lack of dependence on geography, ability to collect data...

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Repeat Incident Data

Repeat Incident Data is extremely effective in the analysis of crime, because it can provide insight into criminal patterns and trends, and assist law enforcement agencies in deterring and/or preventing such crime (Bureau of Judicial Statistics, n.d). To the extent that the crimes involve educating the public, say for instance,...

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Raster Data

Raster Data is a data model that is used in analyzing crime, in the context of a Geographic Information Systems or “GIS.” GIS systems are implemented for a variety of reasons, including their ability to create maps (Hendrix, 2000). These maps and the accompanying data, can assist in detecting crime...

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Structured And Unstructured Data

In the mid 1970s IBM computer scientist E.F. Codd developed the relational model for database management (RDBMS). In the early 1980s the relational model became the preferred model for database management. Although, network or hierarchical databases are sometimes used instead because they are viewed by some as being more user...

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