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How Can Big Data Be Used in Nursing Research?

Big data is the data that is available in healthcare as a result of electronic devices, the internet and EHRs, which have provided data that is beyond expectation. However, much of the data is unusable due to tailored EHRs which have been uniquely crafted to meet the needs of individual...

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Criminal Justice of Data Collection Systems

In the book titled Crime Analysis with Crime Mapping penned by Rachel Boba Santos, three different types of data analysis are outlined: the computer-aided dispatch system (CAD), the records management system (RMS) and the geographic data system (GDS). Of the three, I have found that the first, the computer-aided dispatch...

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Calls for Service Data

When studying crime problems, analysists look for data that is accurate and plentiful. While calls for service data is rich in detail and easily accessible, it should not be used to study crime because of inaccuracies that can be found in its crime types, times, and locations (Boba, 2005). When...

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The Role of the Leader in Evaluating Data to Improve Quality and Safety

Patient falls are correlated with an increase in negative outcomes including patient mortality, and yet there is evidence that falls and mortality have been increasing in recent decades (Johnson et al., 2011). The importance of data evaluation and interpretation to the continuous improvement of patient quality and safety cannot be...

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Data Collection for Family Therapy to Treat Conduct Disorders

In this study quantitative data will be captured in order to compare the use of various interventions for the treatment of conduct disorders in adolescents as a means of reducing incarceration rates. This will include collecting variables to define each subject’s characteristics, their treatment situations and the outcomes for that...

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