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Methods of Data Analysis

After collecting data, investigators adopts that are critical to the inspection, cleaning, transformation, and modeling, aiming at gaining insights into the trends of the data that help to infer conclusions. Various statistical software are applied to analyze data, but the methods of the analysis selected depend on the type of...

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Implementation of Bar Code Administration in an Emergency Department Setting: Tool and Procedure to Collect Data

The emergency does not have a bar code administration, and this project attempts to assess the need for such a system. In order to implement such a project a tool and procedures required which facilitates and supports a needs assessment. In this way, the bar code management system in the...

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Data Flow Diagrams

A data flow diagram, according to Chen (2009), is majorly used for providing a graphical representation of the flow of data via a system. It tends to portray the information that is exchanged by a system, as well as, the information passed from one external interface to the other. While...

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Health Information Management

Health information management (HIM) is an empirical exercise that involves obtaining, evaluating, and safeguarding traditional and computerized clinical data with the objective of offering quality patient care. (McWay, 2013). Acute care is a division of additional health care where a patient gets short-term albeit active treatment for a severe injury...

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Big Data Relative

The healthcare industry has many stakeholders that require a constant stream of knowledge on the ups and downs that are taking place within the industry. All of the knowledge that is accumulated is known as “big data”. Much of the information that makes up big data allows for stakeholders within...

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