Starting a sole or partnership business in Wisconsin requires several legal approaches just like any other part of the United States of America. They include; proper choice of the business, competency in the business venture to avoid inconvenience of how to run the business, dealing with safety and health, licensing and obtaining of business permits ( n.d).Other formalities include; obtaining of relevant insurance policies for the business and employees licensing. The business that the paper will discuss is of child daycare. There are unique legal formalities that must be followed when opening a child daycare in St. Croix at Wisconsin. The legal formalities are discussed below.
Q1. Are you required to file a fictitious name application in your state?
When one wants to open a daycare in Wisconsin, there is the possibility of the business operating under a different name. Legally, the action is termed as a fictitious name or a trade name. The process is dubbed DBA or often referred to as “doing business as”( n.d).According to the legal formalities of the Wisconsin state, it is allowed to file a fictitious name for the daycare business. The reason behind the permit is that there are other businesses that would like to use the similar name that one could have suggested as his business’s name. Hence filing a fictitious name acts as a legal approach to ensure that the name is not used by any other business hence be the owner of the business under the name.

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Q2. What types of business license are you required to apply for?
Licensing a daycare business follows different licenses. The distinction of the licenses varies due to the types of daycare business that one would like to start ( n.d). The major point to understand at this point is that there are family daycare businesses and group daycare businesses. However, according to the paper, the business that the paper addresses is sole proprietorship which can be classified under the family daycare businesses. The license that one should obtain for the daycare business is the license of child care. The license is awarded inform of the child care certification which allows one to operate a daycare as a business that is legally recognized by law. The license exists either in the Notice of Compliance license, or the Star rated license. However, there are exemptions under the license in that; daycare programs such as vocational camps and summer camps are exempted from the license.

Q3. Will you need Articles of Incorporation? Why or why not?
In a daycare business, I will need articles of incorporation. Often, Articles of incorporation are also referred to as certificates of incorporation ( n.d). The reason for having them is that they play a major role in the business such as; easing ownership transfer, liability, and tax advantages.

Q4. Will you be considered a professional within your state? Explain.
Starting a daycare business in Wisconsin doesn’t give someone the title of a professional. Rather, the legal terms and requirements of opening the business will portray your profession in the business one started. For example, if your business is embraced because of your competent services I the business, then you can be referred to as a professional ( n.d). However, if the business is poor and does not offer competent services, then cannot be referred to as a professional. The bottom line is that the business running is the determining factor of the title.

Q5. What about local license or permits, are there any requirements?
The local licenses and permits have requirements. The requirements come before obtaining the award in that, before obtaining the permits, there are several requirements that one should meet ( n.d). The requirements apply in the form of the capability of sustaining the daycare, health and safety measures, staffing and employment licensing and the number of children to host for a particular type of healthcare business. Once one meets these requirements amongst others, then the local licenses and permits can be awarded.

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