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Death Penalty

Post-Trial Procedures and Protocols

The procedures that follow a trial include post-trial motions and sentencing. Post-trial motions can involve the defense requesting that the judge override the guilty verdict issued by the jury. This can result in either the granting of a new trial or an acquittal of the defendant. The most common post-trial...

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Balter Discussion Topic 120

Topic 1- Elder Neglect and the Law Question 1: Should children be required to support an aging parent? Why or why not? Although children should generally feel a strong moral compulsion to support an aging parent, they should not be required to do so by law – at least not...

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Death Penalty for Juvenile Offenders

Juvenile justice in the U.S. has always been problematic in a criminal justice system inherently complex and problematic itself. No matter the offenses, American culture has long held to a duality as to trying and punishing those legally minors. On one level, the courts, agencies, and organizations often insist that...

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Death Penalty for Juveniles

The first juvenile to be tried, found guilty, and executed in America was Thomas Graunger in 1642 (Hale, 1997). However, on 1st of March, 2005, the Supreme Court repealed the death penalty for offenders who committed crimes while underage. The court ruled that such a penalty was cruel and an...

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Death Penalty Pros and Cons

Death penalty is a politically divisive issue in the U.S. Death penalty has been abolished in many developed countries, many of whom are in Europe, but it remains legal in numerous states in the U.S. It is important to listen to both sides of the debate because it helps us...

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