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Decision Making

Clinical Decision-Making: OB Setting

For this discussion, a 32-year-old female patient will be discussed. She was admitted to the hospital at 39 weeks gestation based upon the determination made at her 18-week ultrasound. At the time of presentation, she was experiencing uterine contractions every four minutes with increasing intensity. The patient stated that her...

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Conditional Probability at Decision Making

The article “Asymptotic Confidence Interval for Conditional Probability at Decision Making” by Yu. S. Kan and V. R. Sobol is a statistics based paper in which the authors discuss the problems related to unilateral asymptotic confidence intervals for unknown conditional probabilities that are independent of the said distribution (Kan, Y....

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Problem Solving and Decision Making

The described case study involves multiple legal, ethical, and financial implications for a hospital administrator. First and foremost, it involves critical ethical implications: the information about a nurse with HIV is received from a third-party source (besides, this source is in close informal relationships with the administrator). Second, just as...

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Strategies for Decision Making

The study “Trends in Attitudes About Marriage, Childbearing, and Sexual Behavior: United States, 2002, 2006-2010, and 2011-2013” (2016) conducted by Jim Daugherty and Casey Copen focuses on the changes in the attitudes of American men and women of reproductive age to the issues of marriage, divorce, childbearing, and sexual behavior...

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How Executive Decision Making is Conducted for Complex Major Military Equipment Developments

Kris Osborn posted an article on Fox News examining the possible decision by the United States Military to use German-built armored combat vehicles in the future. Decision making is quite complicated from a military perspective as it is a sensitive area. However, it is similar to the decision making the...

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Organizational Decision Making

Success in the corporate world requires firms to structure their internal operations into various units that provide a hierarchy through which decision making is facilitated. Some of the business units that improve organizational functions include task forces, committees, and councils. Task forces are among the most vital groups in an...

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Decision Making Analysis

Indeed the New York State Homeland Security plan does well to identify the major factors in relation to security issues within the jurisdiction. The decision-making process involved in the development of the strategy involved various important factors. The plan was developed based on decisions that relate to the fact that...

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Technology In Decision-Making

Tesco PLC is one of the best known British multinational groceries. It is also a general merchandise retailer with its headquarter in Cheshunt, United Kingdom. It is also known to be the third largest retailer worldwide as measured by profits while second as measured by revenues. It has stores in...

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Data Driven Decision Making

Today, every organization or company's focus is to vacuum up data in a bid to make better and well-informed decisions inclined to product development, profitability, advertising, recruitment of employees, and productivity. It is not a surprise that the analysis of data has to a large extent outperformed human intuition in...

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Ethical Decision Making: Shared Decision Making Model

Ethical decision making in the healthcare setting is a derivation of the ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses (2012, p. 2) which states “The nurse’s primary professional responsibility if to people requiring nursing care.” It is the duty of any nurse to offer the best feasible options for the patient’s...

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GM Case Study

This case study centers on the plight of modern General Motors, while discussing, at length, the ways in which its management philosophies evolved over time. The study begins by noting that GM, throughout its history, has employed a largely de-centralized power structure. That is, the company has been vertically integrated,...

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Consequences of Ethical Decision Making

The proposed solution for PPI is that its leaders should continue the safety policies in spite of the criticism expressed by the lawyers. At present, the PPI’s ethical framework represents a harmonious combination of different ethical approaches such as teleological ethics and the ethics of care. From the standpoint of...

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Democratic Decision-Making Style

Establishing an effective decision-making style requires an evaluation of workplace dynamics and the types of personalities which are present within the team. For the colleague who was interviewed, she recognized that members of her team have voices that they would like to be heard and have valuable input that may...

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Team Decision-Making Research Paper

Team decision-making entails the collaboration of a certain group people with common interests to make decisions on issues that affect their activities. The families that are at risks need to embrace the team decision-making schemes in their activities. This is very essential because it will assist in the formulation collective...

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Understanding and Influencing Decision-Making

While reviewing the implication of such a customer decision, it clearly implies that these days customers tend to make their decisions on their own through the individually made research rather than relying on the presented data. Given the fact that 57% of decisions is made much sooner before a customer...

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Considerations Of Emotional Intelligence (EI) In Dealing With Change Decision Management

The article seeks to demonstrate how the utilization of Emotional Intelligence (EI) is advocated as a way of evaluating ways in which a firm can increase staff performance and output. Besides, it focuses on developing a more effective human resource approach to managing organizational change. According to the author, organizations...

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