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Decision Making

Corporate Financial Decisions

Choosing the right source of school fees can be challenging when different sources are available. The tuition costs are $100,000, and the available source of funds is either Apple stock shares or EE savings bond. Both sources are capable of paying the full amount of the tuition fees. For instance,...

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Making Hard Choices

In the TED lecture titled How to make hard choices, speaker Ruth Chang argues that making hard choices bring out the best in you. Chang describes hard choices as a set of alternatives which are comparable to each other when it comes to benefits. In short, none of the alternatives...

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Identity and Decision

There exist hundreds of cultures, religions and ethnicities in the world. Though these may be very different from each other, every human being struggles to form and develop one's identity. This lasting process may be called struggle because a person can spend one's whole life creating an identity that will...

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Structured Decision Making in Environmental Management

The environment we live in provides the necessary basic utilities we require in our life. Tree and water are the sources of livelihood to all human beings. Agriculture seems to be an independent practice, but indirectly it depends on the forests and water sources. Therefore, conserving water and forestry is...

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End of Life Decisions

Patients who require end-of-life care due to terminal illness require specialized and compassionate nursing care which is designed to improve pain management, provide support to families during this difficult period, and to make ethically responsible decisions (Hebert, Moore, & Rooney, 2011). From this perspective, it is necessary for nurses to...

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