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Decision Making

Technology In Decision-Making

Tesco PLC is one of the best known British multinational groceries. It is also a general merchandise retailer with its headquarter in Cheshunt, United Kingdom. It is also known to be the third largest retailer worldwide as measured by profits while second as measured by revenues. It has stores in...

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Data Driven Decision Making

Today, every organization or company's focus is to vacuum up data in a bid to make better and well-informed decisions inclined to product development, profitability, advertising, recruitment of employees, and productivity. It is not a surprise that the analysis of data has to a large extent outperformed human intuition in...

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Ethical Decision Making: Shared Decision Making Model

Ethical decision making in the healthcare setting is a derivation of the ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses (2012, p. 2) which states “The nurse’s primary professional responsibility if to people requiring nursing care.” It is the duty of any nurse to offer the best feasible options for the patient’s...

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GM Case Study

This case study centers on the plight of modern General Motors, while discussing, at length, the ways in which its management philosophies evolved over time. The study begins by noting that GM, throughout its history, has employed a largely de-centralized power structure. That is, the company has been vertically integrated,...

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Consequences of Ethical Decision Making

The proposed solution for PPI is that its leaders should continue the safety policies in spite of the criticism expressed by the lawyers. At present, the PPI’s ethical framework represents a harmonious combination of different ethical approaches such as teleological ethics and the ethics of care. From the standpoint of...

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