Joy is one of the few things that make the existence of mankind worthy. Joy uncovers some of the most beautiful aspects of human beings, because it is not something that we can experience due to some physical pleasure. We are able to experience joy by simply looking at the painting or spending time with the loved ones. Joy can be independent of the empirical original. Joy is not something that can be experienced due to the acts of evil. Making one suffer may cause satisfaction and pleasure but never joy. Joy is of a higher grade when compared to happiness, satisfaction, contentment and other positive feelings that a human may experience due to its more robust and immediate nature.

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It is no coincidence that joy is often tied to the religion and, to be more specific, Christianity. The religion presupposes that all having faith should rejoice in confidence that God is watching over them and is ensuring the stability and prosperity of their lives. It is difficult, however, to concede that joy is something lasting and can even go as far as to become a perpetual feeling. Due to constant appearances of new desires while the former ones are fulfilled, a human being can never be truly joyous all the time.

Why is joy of higher degree than other positive feelings that a human being is able to experience? It is always great and has a far stronger impact. It may not be long-lasting, but the feeling is very strong while it lasts. Even if it not caused by something obvious like water after thirst or food after hunger, it influences on the physical level raising the heartbeat, dilating pupils, increasing breath rate. Joy causes a remarkable influx of endorphins into the blood system. So, when can one experience this feeling?

The situations vary. Under one scenario, joy can be cause by an unexpected scenario. An unexpected piece of good news or a gift, something that catches the subject off-guard is bound to cause a stronger reaction that could be filed under “joy.” Under another scenario, joy could be derived after the person has been striving for something for a long period of time. Long wait that may involve considerable amount of effort and work can cause joy when the result is finally achieved. Joy can often be induced when there is a relationship with the loved person involved. Communication with the significant other or a new sign of acknowledgment or acceptance from the newly found love is bound to cause strong feelings. A constant in terms of causing joy is the birth of child. Such a special experience which involves the continuation of one’s family, a factual appearance of legacy immediately causes joy that goes deep into biological instinct: “I will have descendants.” Another aspect that has been mentioned briefly is the enjoyment of art be it painting, music, sculpture, or any other kind. Experiencing any work of art can cause joy over the beauty of what is seen or heard.

Joy is a remarkable feelings, because it never has any negative overtones. It can never stem from cruelty or satisfaction from the plight of others. It is always genuine and leaves a lasting impression. Just like love, it opens up the best sides of human nature and shows that we can be kind and have the capability of experiencing something with the utmost form of happiness. Joy is an extremely powerful feeling which shows us that living and existing does make sense. It ensures that we have the desire to persevere despite all odds and keep living further even if at times existing seems impossible and painful.