A person who possesses an outgoing personality like myself can experience different reactions from other people. In our society, people have different judgments regarding the character of a person. They can react positively, negatively or both depending on the circumstances and time. Being an outgoing person means that I like to go out of my way to meet and make new friends. Being outgoing personality also implies that I have an extrovert personality. Being outgoing suggests that I can easily get along with anybody and easily be able to communicate with them.

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My outgoing personality is a positive trait especially when I am hanging around with my members of my family as well as mu friends at a particular social function. Similarly, being an outgoing person helps to meet and make new friends at several social functions which I attend. I use my confidence to interact with new people, know where they come from, what they do, and any other basic information. I can be able to freely socialize and familiarize with people I have never met before unlike people who are introverts who find it difficult to socialize with people whenever they attend a function. Furthermore, as an outgoing person, it is fun meeting new and knowing new people. I can be able to play with them, enjoy with them and find it easy mingling with them because I find it easy talking to them without being shy even though it can have some drawbacks unlike people who are not outgoing. Similarly, during a family or a social function with my friends, I can be able to make people laugh and enjoy the function.

Being an outgoing person also has its limits. Even though the trait helps me to freely interact with people, make them smile and laugh, and also enjoy life, sometimes people might have a negative attitude towards me. The character can also turn away friends because some friends might be scared of talking to a strange person. Furthermore, being an outgoing person can make people think that I am not serious in a certain context even though I am serious for example in class. Therefore, being an outgoing person requires me to learn how to control myself.

I remember it was a Sunday afternoon when I attended a birthday of one of my friends. At the party, I met many people who I was not familiar with. The only person I knew at the party was my friend. I could not spend much time with him because he had to interact with other people who had attended the party and was also involved in other activities. I could not let myself to just sit down and be lonely. I used my outgoing personality to mingle with the people who attended the party. Most of them were social and it was easy interacting with them. I played and sang birthday songs with them for my friend as if we had met before. It was fun and I enjoyed the occasion.