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College Definition Essay

One cannot overstate the importance of education and education is even more important today because the competition has been growing in the job market. Thus, attending college is very important because the benefits of attending college last one’s entire lifetime. When we think of college, we may think of an...

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Defining Strategy

The given paper explores various definitions of strategy based on an analysis of three separate scholarly sources. Each writer’s definition of strategy is presented; an analysis is carried out as to the most useful definition of the three. To begin with, Athapaththu (2016) explains that the word strategy comes from...

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Developments in the Definition of the Nature of God

The primary differences between Didache’s writings on the nature of God and St. Hildegard’s writings on the holy trinity are in their practical value. While Didache described a Christian way to live, St. Hildegard described visions of the Holy Trinity as it was revealed to her. Therefore, it can be...

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Definition of Security

SEC v Edwards From the SEC v Edwards’s case, it is accurate to say that the provision for a fixed return frustrates the element of the Howey test of being “derived solely from the efforts of others.” From the case, it can be said that an investment plan that promises...

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Failed State Definition

Overall, the concept of a failed state is a relatively new concept appeared at the end of the twentieth century. Due to its novelty, the concept has not yet acquired a single well-established definition. Thus, according to Rotberg, a failed state is “tense, deeply conflicted, dangerous, and contested bitterly by...

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Understanding Definition Essays

The answer to the question ‘what is a definition essay’ rests in how the essay is structured. When writing a definition essay one is required to use certain tactics to succeed. They are not particularly easy because they require you centring your entire essay on one word. You may think how do I write a 500-word essay about one word? I have to agree it seems almost impossible. The trick, however, is to apply certain guidelines and understand the concept behind choosing a good definition essay topic.

Best Guidelines for Writing Your Definition Essay

As with any other essay, there is a common order to writing your essay. Using these guidelines will ensure your paper has syntax, and your readers can recognize and flow with your work.

  1. Brief Opening
  2. This section will serve as an introduction to your readers. After choosing a good topic for your essay, look up for the dictionary definition and include in the opening. For example, the topic for your essay is POWER, "Power according to Merriam Webster is an ability to act or to produce an effect". Using this intro will allow your readers to have a basic knowledge of the word, and it also gives you a starting point for your essay.

  3. Define the topic in your words
  4. Following your introduction, you can define the word in your context, something different from the intro but sheds more light. This should, however, be brief as it would be further explained in the body of your essay.

  5. Body of your Essay
  6. Here, you can divide your topics into three different ideas, each taking up one paragraph. Your topic can be explained based on function, analysis and structure. If you were to explain POWER by function, you would need to write about its use and application. The structure would tell you how a word is put together, etymology, hierarchy, etc. Analysis, on the other hand, would have you comparing the subject topic to other related words, their difference and meaning. This way they stand out and are better understood.

  7. Inference
  8. This part is the conclusion of your essay, a summary of all your points. You can also write here, how the topic relates to you, a brief life example that further strengthens your essay.

Some Writing Tips to Look out for in Your Definition Essay

Practice Using Definition Essay Examples

Writing a definition essay is easy when you have guidelines to follow. There are several definition essays ideas and examples on the internet that you can use. You can visit to see some definition essay ideas, templates and definition essay topics for your essay paper.