Everyone wants to be happy. But not everyone may define happiness in the same way. Just as people are different, their definition of happiness may also be different. One way to define happiness is being satisfied with one’s situation. A happy person is exactly where he wants to be. He would not like to change much about his life because he likes his life the way it is already.

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Happiness may be defined as being in a good mood. When a child goes to a theme park or eats ice cream, he looks happy because he is in a good mood. When we see a person in a bad mood, we think of him as either being sad or angry. Thus, happiness involves doing things that please us. Happiness can also be defined as an emotion. There are different emotions such as sadness, anger, and happiness. Happiness is the most desirable emotion because it creates the most positive feelings among all emotions.

Happiness may be the ultimate motivator because it serves as the end-goal. A student may work hard to get into his dream college, a job hunter may work hard to get into a dream company, a person may marry the love of his life, and a patient may want to beat a serious illness so that they can be happy.

It is clear happiness can be defined and understood in many different ways. For some people, happiness is being satisfied with one’s present while for others happiness is being in a good mood whether temporarily or permanently. Happiness could also be defined as one type of emotion just as sadness and anger are types of emotion. Happiness also acts as a motivator because its pursuit inspire people to work harder towards their dreams.