Dear Valued Elite Member,
First of all, we would like to express our gratitude for your continued patronage. We understand you have many choices, thus, we are continuously evaluating our programs to provide even better value to you. As a result, we have made several changes in our rewards program which will improve our ability to provide you even better experiences during your stay.

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We have decided to increase the criteria for free night from 9,000 rewards points to 15,000 points. In addition, the expiration date of rewards points will change from unlimited to 2 years from the date of last room purchase. Access to Prestige Lounge, Wi-Fi, and in-room snacks may not be free anymore but elite members would still be able to purchase them at 50 percent discount. We would also like to mention we are leaving Galaxy Hotel Alliance so that we can focus more on our own clients. We understand some of you may be disappointed but these changes will improve our ability to provide you exemplary service you have come to expect from us.

Our competitors have taken similar measures but have introduced these changes discreetly. We believe trust is the foundation of relationship between a business and a client, thus, we wanted to make sure our customers are aware of these impending changes. These changes won’t take place for another 3 months so you can still take advantage of exiting rewards program.
Please do note we have added new computer terminals to the business lounge. The clients have access to free Wi-Fi in the business lounge and can also take advantage of a mini-bar in addition to several other exciting services. Similarly, you can always take advantage of our August specials including weekend getaways by reserving rooms for only $119 per night.

We look forward to hearing from you and always welcome your suggestions. We hope you will love the new services we have introduced and we will keep investigating new ways to provide better value to our esteemed clients like you.
Nancy Jeffreys
Director of Marketing