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National Popular Vote – A Bad Idea

In the March 2012 article, “Why National Popular Vote Is a Bad Idea,” by Curtis Gans, the author makes a strong case against the National Popular Vote movement. Gans argues that, although the electoral college system is not without flaws, it is ultimately better than the alternative. Based on the...

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Theory of Knowledge: Democracy

The modern world is said to be a democratic one. However, the definition of the term democracy and that of democracy in the 21st century are not similar in any way. Democracy defines the rule of the majority by the majority. Nevertheless, democracy in the 21st century involves the powerful...

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Democracy is Dead

Statement: "Democracy is dead. Those born to the money and power that it takes to win a good education who have the intelligence and the necessary information to make informed decisions and the will, the motivation and the discipline to implement those decisions should be given a free hand in...

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Difference Between Classical Liberalism and Modern Liberalism

While there are undeniable similarities between classical and modern conceptions of liberalism the differences between the two appear to be more significant than any commonalities. This paper will briefly discuss the historical and philosophical roots of each form of liberalism and conclude by arguing for the greater importance of their...

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Have Americans Lived Up To The Ideals Expressed In The Declaration Of Independence?

The American society has been in a constant struggle to live up to the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence since the founding of our original nation. The founding ideals of America are based on equality, liberty, opportunity, democracy, and rights (Bowe, 2007). The United States has since projected...

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The Most Powerful Branch of Government: The Executive Branch

Abstract The Presidency was designed to be a powerful executive, but changes over time may have given the President too much power. This paper demonstrates areas in which presidential powers have increased by design or circumstance, creating the danger of presidential overreach. These areas include war powers, economic powers, social...

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A More Perfect Union: Rhetorical Analysis

There are some moments in history that act as turning points in the future direction a country or a people will take. Throughout history, these events have served as markers which one can pinpoint the start of a major event or change. An example of such an event is the...

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American Dream Essay

First of foremost when examining the truth of the American Dream one must consider the third word, dream. What is a dream? For me a dream is a mental image and held in the mind. It is not real, but is derived from a series of external experiences which have...

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Why People Should Vote

Going to a poll and casting one’s vote for or against a particular individual or law, whether it be on the federal level or on a local or state level, is something that many individuals do each and every time they get the chance. While there are many who do...

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Did The Press Play A Leadership Role In The Civil Rights Movement?

The actual impact of media on society is widely examined, particularly as technology has so greatly expanded the presence of media in modern life. Regarding the news, there is the ongoing debate as to reporting versus influence, and whether such influence is deliberate. What is certain, however, is that the...

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The Beginning Of Civil Rights Movement

The civil rights movement was established during the 1950s and 1960s to advocate for social justice and to ensure that blacks to gain equal rights under the United States laws. Initially, the civil war had officially abolished slavery although it did not mitigate discrimination against the black community. A majority...

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Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s

The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968 was a watershed moment in American history, and specifically in the civil rights movement. After his assassination, the civil rights movement clearly changed. While Dr. King argued for a peaceful and non-violent movement, those who came after his death were...

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Campaign Website Memo Analysis

Part I: Phil Gingrey (Republican) and Michelle Nunn (Democratic) Political or campaign websites are designed or developed with a clear focus on winning or convincing the voting society. US is amongst nations which have gone ahead with regards to the usage of technology through social media to steer effective campaigns....

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DuBois’s Critique of Booker T. Washington

In his famed critique of Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. DuBois provides a critical voice that helps to explain the full experience of those fighting for racial equality in pre-Civil Rights America. In some respects, DuBois is fair to Washington. DuBois makes a significant effort to account for the difficulties faced...

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The Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. during the 1960s

The 1960s bore witness to the civil rights movement that took place in the United States where leader Martin Luther King proposed and fought for racial equality. In this paper, I will demonstrate how the 1960s bore the first marks of change when President John F. Kennedy respected Martin Luther...

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The Quiet American – The Historical Context Of The Movie

At the time that the film was set, the French had withdrawn from the Indochina colonies in 1954, paving the way for the entry of the Americans. During the Second World War, Ho Chi Minh organised the Vietnamese resistance to the occupation of the Japanese in Vietnam. In 1945, Vietnam...

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Why Should Myanmar Have Similar Freedom of Speech Protections to United States

When it comes to the issue of free speech, Myanmar and United States chose to handle it differently. While United States has the freedom of speech engrained in their constitution, Myanmar does not provide such a legal right to its citizens, instead it restricts any speech which questions government actions....

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Government: Who are the key stakeholders?

The California Department of Education (CDE) is an agency that serves students from childhood to adulthood, schools administrations, teachers, parents, and community partners; they are all the stakeholders. Its mission and vision promises that “California will provide a world-class education for all students, from early childhood to adulthood … by...

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The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights assures that all human beings have certain rights that are granted without consideration of race, ethnicity, sex, language, religion or other condition of their birth (UN General Assembly, 1948). The spirit of the declaration is to ensure the liberty of all human beings...

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Research Proposal: Islamic Culture And Democracy

This essay will be used as a proposal for research discussing the ability of Islamic culture and democracy to be implemented in a successful way. There are many factors that are at play in this conversation, as well as angles to observe when analyzing such a topic. Religion itself has...

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