My professional goal has always been to offer top-quality patient care. It is my intent to continue forth with this important goal as I advance in my dental career. As a Dental Hygienist, I have a responsibility to provide the highest quality of care to every patient and provide for him the best treatment. It is this quality of care and treatment of my patients that I have found to be the most rewarding and fulfilling during my past years of dental practice in my country. I especially enjoyed being able to provide treatment in remote communities to patients who were badly in need of local healthcare but who could not afford to pay for preventive care, let alone direct healthcare. During my practice I was not only just building my small town clinic, but also providing a community service while promoting healthcare awareness.
When I initially arrived here in the United States, I was afforded an opportunity to work in a healthcare facility that specialized in caring for people with special needs and mental disabilities including autism. It was a very challenging experience to give them preventive dental care. That experience provided me with the motivation and desire to develop my skills to serve dental patient with disabilities. Armed with my six years of experience as a dentist in my country along with the opportunity to attend a reputable degree program, I believe that I can readily learn the skills I need to be one of the best dental hygienists in the country.

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My long-term goal is to provide free education abroad about dental health especially in third world countries. I grew up in the Philippines where dental care is desperately needed, especially in the remote areas. The problem there is the lack of placing a high priority on dental health. I intend to eventually return to the Phillipines in order to serve my countrymen and provide them with free dental service and dental education. I believe in giving back to my community through humanitarian efforts so that others can have the best dental care that we, as a 1st world country, are willing and able to provide them.