The essence of existence of a human being is related to the eternal presence of a supernatural being that is more perfect than the human race. Descartes argument, therefore, entails the idea of the existence of God as an immortal being thus explaining the source of life for all creations. Moreover, his argument concludes that God’s existence is necessary for there to be perfection. As introduced in this essay, the notion of an essential perfect life provides a need for a discussion on establishing the real cause of existence and the excellent result achieved in the whole universe. According to Descartes in the book Meditation 5 “…. From the very fact that I can derive from my thoughts the idea of something, it follows that all that I can clearly and distinctively recognize as characteristic of this thing does, in reality, characterize it… it is confident that I find in my mind the idea of God, of a supremely perfect being… and I recognize that an actual and I eternal existence belongs to his nature…” it is evident that one can only give attribute of life to the character of God to being perfect and omnipotent.

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In this regard, one cannot separate the idea of eternity with God by just using the notion that they can tell nothing apart from conceiving that the God exists. Therefore, the combination of essence and existing of a supernatural being is in the real sense a reality which can relate to as the truths of life. Descartes explains that we can conceive of nothing apart from existence and so life offers the concept of every living being. Moreover, as we cannot think of God’s origin which leads to the perfection of the universe, we can only acknowledge that He exists in a way of His might and has existed from eternity existing in any form. The concept of accepting that everything happens as a result of anything better explains that the coming into being of that phenomenon is true. Therefore, as the notion of existence is contained in the concept of God reveals the He exists, and existence exists in Him.

In what way might existence be perfection?
If existence is related to perfection, then the resulting creature should contain all the reliabilities of containing an acknowledged life. Perfection is bound to happen if a creature perceives divine-like attributes. Moreover, the essence of perfection does not clearly indicate that every performance id done with no flaw. At certain times, flaws are also part of perfection. The existence of a Jealous God, who reigns over all other creatures, does not guarantee the exemption of God does not exist in perfection.

As the mind creates an attribute through conceiving the different concepts surrounding the phenomenon, one may end up identifying false citations about the notion of existence. It is evident that if there is the presence of thought in our lives, then there is perfection surrounding the reality of the nature of our lives. Our cultures explain about the mythical concept of existence but do not explain the initial source of existence. Other concepts may associate the start of the presence of human beings through material integration. However, these methodologies do not still explain the origin of the materials that integrated together to form a living creature. Following this explanation, we can formulate the idea that everything came from nothing but in reality, there must be some source of solid material for the beginning of a new product.
About Descartes ontological argument, there is a better explanation for the existence of all the creatures in the world. The notion of a supernatural being in existence as the root of all material existence that leads to the being of all creatures. Therefore, the prospective nature of a universe perfectly designed to cater for a balanced ecological system is in itself perfection. Moreover, achievement of the idea that a perfect universe is realizable if there was no imbalances in the capabilities of mother earth to provide for all creatures equally is wrong. The necessity of life has to need accomplishment by every person accepting that they are responsible for their formulation of a perfect environment to them.

Therefore, existence is in itself the perfection that is not describable by any single being. It can only relate through the many concepts that pass through the minds of human beings about their existence. Moreover, due to the existence of a supernatural being under whom all the earthly bodies try to imitate forms a basis of perfection. Lack of a clear explanation for the provision of all the necessities of life needed for the human and other creature’s growth is the greatest perfection detail that anyone can think. It is not possible for any material integration process to lead to a precise nature of life and death with human beings, the need for essential needs like oxygen for growth and designed mechanism of the body. Henceforth, one can only entail the capabilities of human existence as a perfection conceived on its own. Moreover, we can only relate the idea of existence as perfection when related to the existence of God. Any other entity provides a contrary opinion about perfection and existence since the ideologies involved do not guarantee the capabilities of existence being perfection.
Are there good reasons to believe that existence is perfection and that such perfection proves God’s existence?
Believing in perfection provides a different opinion in the presence of human beings. There is no possible explanation for any existence of the human nature being perfect. Moreover, by using the minds criteria of the existence of God as perfection, we can prove that the world’s creation is more of perfect than imperfect. About the presence of human beings and their survival tactics, we can conclude that existence is a perfection that cannot relate to any other result.

The existing human body mechanism details more than perfection. The body is designed to work critically with different levels of mechanizations that have a sophisticated design. The body works in a perfect nature since all body parts can produce the required work. No mythical or biological explanation explains the existence of the compound body parts meaning that there must be some possible connection with a supernatural being who designed the precise mechanism. Such a connection provides the inter-relation between the existence of God and the provision of a perfect body mechanism.
The mechanism of all creatures in the universe work differently, and each system has a complex mechanism that they use for their survival tactics. These mechanisms only provide the required evidence that the existence of God happens when in a perfect way that also results in the existence of all the other creatures. Since we can only conceive the anything apart from their existence, the idea of a perfect God who provides the survival ability of all the creatures is the only viable entity in explaining existence.

Descartes argument provides us with a basis for creating a thesis in understanding on the existence of creatures about God as omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent being. Moreover, he helps us understand and criticize any other explanation about the root of the human nature race and all the creatures in the universe. Moreover, the distinction between existence and perfection is confined to the mind.