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Produced by Supa Dups, The Tide is High is a remarkably percussive, dancehall-inspired hip hop version that was included on the artist's album Not 4 Sale (Lewis The single became available on iTunes in October 2008 and in 2010 where the CRIA classified it as "Gold" (Lewis It...

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Everybody knows that there are two types of cars. The one you are going to buy and ride, and the one that you dream of since childhood. You will never probably buy it, as it is too expensive, too cool or is no longer manufactured, but if you suddenly become...

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The sky outside resonated my spirits perfectly: the heavy layers of sinister black with occasional grey speckles. The stale air of the crowded kabbah reminded of the train stations or airports unable to “digest” the endless flow of travelers. Inside the kabbah, everything looked pale and gloomy. The kabbah visitors,...

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I was awake before I could see anything. I remember this because I remember listening to the warm water gently lapping itself against the tall wooden pillars propping the bungalow. When I did opened my eyes the first thing that I could see were beautiful white sheer curtains. The rhythm...

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Art has always been a sort of resonant experience; what defines the true nature of an artistic endeavor is defined by the conditions of one's own experience and how the art speaks to them as a result. Human history has long been defined by its innovators, its thinkers and those...

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The woman stood in the street, her back poised with an exquisite posture, like the most perfect arc on an ancient Hellenic sculpture. She ran her hand over her long black dress, smoothing out any creases and then checked her watch. Almost in perfect simultaneity with the first rain drop...

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Descriptive Essays: Writing Guidelines

Descriptive writing aims to test the writer’s ability to express himself. To master the art of descriptive essay writing, you need to be an excellent narrator. This is because narration and this type of essay go hand in hand.

What Is A Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is a type of essay that describes events or things. You are expected to paint a mental picture of things, objects, places, persons, experiences and situations. This sensory information enables the readers to understand the topic using their five senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing.

How To Write A Descriptive Essay

Going by the descriptive essay definition, a good descriptive essay needs structure. Here’s an idea on how to structure your essay:

To write a great descriptive essay, you need to brainstorm about the tiny details linked with the topic. Ask yourself some questions like “where is the place located? What does the environment look like?” Talk about the physical characteristics as well as the feelings, memories and ideas that emanate from the subject.

Also, emotion and memory are crucial when it comes to conveying the significance of the subject. Think about the main focus of each paragraph before creating an outline to place the details in the right sequence.

Following the outline is important, but you also need to remember the main goal of descriptive types of essays – showing. You need to show and not just tell. Showing here means involving all the senses of your readers and not just sight. The reader should be able to hear the bird chirp, see the beautiful sunset, smell the roses, feel the touch, and taste the cake from your description.

Descriptive Essay Examples

Here are some descriptive essay examples of showing and telling:

After applying the principle of showing and not just telling, you should revise your work. During this phase, you can modify the description essay. As you revise the essay, consider these factors:

  1. Are the paragraphs clear?
  2. Does it unfold to help the reader appreciate the topic?
  3. Are figurative languages used to convey meaning and emotions?
  4. Do the details paint a full picture for the reader?
  5. Is there a connection between the description and meaning?

It is important to think about the reader as you craft the opening paragraph to the last one. This type of essay must be precise and detailed. A good recommendation to follow is to go from general to specific descriptions. Else, the reader will find it difficult to build the image in his/her mind’s eye. One example is not describing a silky coat of fur before informing the reader that the essay’s subject is a dog. Also, learn to use metaphors and idioms in your essay.

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To craft a brilliant essay, you should adhere to these guidelines. The main focus of your essay should be creating a vivid picture and not examples and facts. Allow your readers to feel as they imagine the picture you have painted. Illustrate all the crucial details with human senses and bring the subject to life.

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