At the moment when I got pregnant, I could not imagine that I would make a courageous step to give birth to someone, and more so, to give birth to someone naturally without any external interference. Throughout my pregnancy, I was reading a lot of accounts of women who have decided to give birth to their babies naturally. Their experiences immensely inspired me, and I became reassured that delivering without any help and assistance from the medication would be an honor for me as a mother.
One shall be aware that giving birth naturally entails the motherly motivation. For me, it was particularly important to be fully in control of my body at the moment when the life of my child will begin. I was so convinced that such motivation would result in the successful process of the birth-giving, and the process went really smooth. However, once I found myself in the hospital, I felt the fear throughout my body. In every part of myself, I was afraid that something might be wrong and I may lose control over the process, and ultimately the delivery will not be safe for my baby.

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Because of the fear, the hospital staff had to interfere in the process of birth giving. The midwives were continually calming me down as I was shivering. Without measuring my blood pressure, I could feel that it went beyond the norm. Instead of thinking of the health of my baby, I was concentrating on the amount of blood, the process of something I wasn’t sure I would be able to control. Even though I thought I was prepared for the process of giving birth, in the hospital room, I realized that it was something a mother-to-be cannot prepare for.

Once the experience of giving birth has started, it has lasted for about 11 hours in total. The midwives were constantly present next to me and were working on stabilizing my emotional experiences. As I was feeling that the baby was actually coming, the fear was fading away. The amount of time spent in the hospital room felt different. After leaving the room, I would not believe that the experience has lasted for 10 hours. I realized that the fear also influenced by the amount of time spent in the hospital room during the process of giving birth to a baby, too.

Lying for 10 hours and giving birth was not as easy as one may think. Once the fear was becoming stronger, I was feeling nausea. During labor, I was trying to portray the images of the baby that was coming from my body but was hearing the cries in my head. The stress and the fear combined was hard to challenge. The only two factors that drove in the process of giving birth naturally was the pride of managing to overcome one of the most massive challenges for the motherhood as well as the motivation for becoming a hero to myself.

In the end, I managed to overcome the fear. After 10 hours of the hardworking labor, my child was put on my breast, and the feeling of pride was omnipresent throughout my body. Finally, in a second I was able to listen to a heartbeat of my body as well as to listen to my body. I was feeling myself a very proud mother who succeeded in overcoming one of the greatest personal challenges one could select. The congratulations coming from the midwives cheered me up even more, and I could finally feel all the pride I had in me. This is why, the experience was wonderful, as it taught me how to overcome my fears.