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Transformation of Living Room from Traditional to Modern

To transform a traditional living room into a modern living room, it will require a more cohesive look in the room, solely by replacing the outdated things with beautiful and modern ones. Therefore, in this discussion, we will look at the contemporary decorating ideas that will play a predominant role...

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Knowledge Of Instructional Design

Question one The delivery of instructions is influenced by the instructional design that is utilized by the educators (Dijkstra, Schott, Seel, Tennyson & Seel, 2013). This implies that it is necessary for them to select the best design that suits the level of learners and their individual differences. Instructional design...

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Mixed-Methods Design

While there is no agreed-upon definition of mixed-methods research design, it is generally characterized by the integration of different research methods with the purpose of in-depth exploration of the research problem. Many scholars view it as the third major research approach, along with widely recognized qualitative and quantitative research (Johnson,...

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Resign of Website

The design process is a discipline which all designers adhere to, even if it is different for various designers. The method is dependent on the form of a design project at hand. And the opposite polarity of the designing process relates to the perspective of the business, which needs to...

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Interior Designer

An interior designer I like is Laura Day, who is a New York city based designer. She is quite famous for her extensive contribution in the completion of the fourth season of Trading Spaces. The style of this designer is dominated by her outgoing, open and friendly personality, as she...

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