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Approaches to Aesthetic Commitments of Georgian and Renaissance Chairs

In one sense, the Georgian period (circa 1715-1840) of aesthetics, and by extension, interior design, can be said to bear a direct relation to the aesthetic commitments of the Renaissance period (circa mid-14th century to late 16th century). The Renaissance is commonly described as a return to European classical culture,...

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Josef Muller Brockmann

Josef Muller Brockmann, a well-known designer, has created many masterpieces throughout the course of his career. Furthermore, he is responsible for immense growth in the field of design. In addition, he was an accomplished writer with two books to his name that provide inside into his art style. Brockmann achieved...

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Technological Change and Graphic Design

Typeface and fonts are the visual presentation of language. These fonts imply different meanings to the language that is used. For example, Times New Roman is a standard for academic writing. Cambria is used often for blogs and journal writing. Technical writing is usually presented in the font that this...

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Transformation of Living Room from Traditional to Modern

To transform a traditional living room into a modern living room, it will require a more cohesive look in the room, solely by replacing the outdated things with beautiful and modern ones. Therefore, in this discussion, we will look at the contemporary decorating ideas that will play a predominant role...

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Knowledge Of Instructional Design

Question one The delivery of instructions is influenced by the instructional design that is utilized by the educators (Dijkstra, Schott, Seel, Tennyson & Seel, 2013). This implies that it is necessary for them to select the best design that suits the level of learners and their individual differences. Instructional design...

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