Upon developing Masafi, it shall have a well coordinated public infrastructure ranging from health facilities, transportation, amenities and services. The amenities shall cause tourism demand to increase and act as a catalyst for economic growth within the region. Private investor involvement will enhance the provision of tourism products and facilities as well as market Masafi Mountains as an exceptional destination.

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Masafi Village is strategically located on the edge of Hajar Mountains; this positioning enables a lot of activities to be carried out. Tourists will engage in mountain climbing, skydiving, desert safaris, bird watching from hilltops, and an additional bonus will be the Friday market where one can buy a variety of the Asian antique.

Apart from the fun and thrill, visitors shall also get more insight concerning the Arab culture from the historical sites (Al-Bidyah Mosque and Fujairah Fort) and the villages too.
Mission Statement
The historical sites exhibit the rich culture of the hosting communities. For instance the Al- Bidyah Mosque id the oldest in United Arab Emirates and consists of prayer halls decorated with arches and a mihrab (a niche indicating the direction of Mecca). On the other hand, the Fujairah Fort survived a British attack in the early twentieth century, and it housed the ruling family then.

The Masafi destination shall target the local community, Muslims from all over the world, and adventure tourists.

Product Development
Product development about cultural heritage events shall focus on Masafi peoples’ lifestyle, their history, architectural designs and art and everything that continues to define how they live. It will go deep into their various indigenous cultures, festivals and also the specific rituals.

Natural landmarks and historical sites will also play an important role in product development. Masafi Mountains has a natural spring, the Al-Bidyah Mosque, Fujairah Fort and the Friday market. All these attractions form the basis on which the most of the marketing Masafi as an exquisite destination. The villages around the fort will demonstrate the traditional lifestyle of the host communities. The mosque being among the oldest in United Arab Emirates serves as a melting pot of religion. The Friday market brings forth some cultures with its wide array of products from different regions.

Provision of the expected visitor experience and promoting these attractions in making investments in Masafi is imperative. It requires the involvement of both public and private stakeholders. For proper development of amenities and services, a well-coordinated process among the stakeholders will be facilitated. Investment in hotels for accommodation, restaurants, convenient stores and supermarkets, and medical facilities will be done in a manner suitable for both locals and foreigners. This is because visitors will be of different cultures and religion. Also owing to this, employment opportunities will be open for different races to embrace the diversity of the guests.

Economic sustainability entails the optimal use of resources. To ensure the resources in the newly developed destination are used responsibly, there will be equity in its allocation. I will involve the host communities in the development process they also benefit from this plan.

Social sustainability regards the maintenance of society qualities. It shall be done by conserving their cultural heritage and traditions. The authenticity of the historical sites shall be preserved through periodical repairs and maintenance. Also, the local communities will be encouraged to hold on their traditional value given the economic gains that will accrue from it.

Environmental sustainability involves measures taken to minimize any negative impact on nature. In achieving environmental sustainability, facility creation and service provision shall be our primary priority with minimal disruption of the natural landscape of Masafi. To preserve the purity of the natural springs, proper waste management mechanisms are to be placed.
The company’s slogan shall be “Masafi, where family fun begins”.