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Financial Detective

Airlines Identification of Companies Company A: Delta Airlines In 2008 Delta airlines merged as the largest airlines carriers in the U.S Delta airlines Own a refinery for supplying Jet fuel Company B: Jet Blue Airways The leading low-cost airline in the United States Has routes to the Caribbean and Latin...

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The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

In the “Murder of Roger Ackroyd,” there are many characters who are trying to figure out who was behind Ms. Ferrars blackmailing and the murder of Roger Ackroyd. Not all of these characters are honest. A variety of twists and turns and unexpected events happen throughout the course of the...

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Sherlock Holmes Analysis

A hard boiled protagonist is generally someone who is jaded, grisly, and alone. This character has some skeletons in their closet, and copes with these issues using a sort of vice, typically alcohol. This man does not play by any rulebook, and almost always ends up in a direct (usually...

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The Detectives who Never Forget a Face

In the article, “The Detectives who Never Forget a Face,” Patrick Keefe presents the case of facial recognition as being on a spectrum rather than the previous assumption that few people in the world could not recognize faces while the majority others had a similar ability to do so. Based...

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Private Detectives

With the rise of detective stories popularity both on television and the big screen, many literature heroes have regained their considerable place in pop culture. The famous examples include modern works on Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade, Hercule Poirot and Philip Marlowe. Interestingly enough, most successful ecranisations choose detective protagonists with...

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