Personal philosophies are essentially the corner posts of professional and career success in any working field. Being a practicum nurse, there are various referencing ideologies that I have put in place to ensure that my underlying nursing activities are consequently a success. To begin with, I always believe in the essence of outweighing all the available nursing options before making a final decision. More specifically, I understand that nursing career revolves around making tough and rational decisions that are fundamentally aimed at cultivation of a healthy society (Salsberry, 2015).
On the contrary, I also believe that choosing to pursue nursing career requires confidence and general ability to serve the members of the public. In retrospect to that, prioritizing to serve my patients at the expense of other life undertakings is also part of my primary nursing philosophies that keeps me going (Donahue, 2012). Consequently, providing quality nursing services to my patients and supplementing them with the love and care that they require is also an important aspect about me that has been sailing me through my nursing experience. I have always dreamt of serving my community since my high school years. Thankfully, I have the opportunity to achieve that through my nursing career (Salsberry, 2015).

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Apart from that, I have always believed in the quality of services that are offered in team environments. Collaboration has always been proved to be one of the most effective ways of perfecting the general work outputs that we provide in different contexts (Donahue, 2012). It is also worth to highlight that I believe in wellness and prevention. The world has been subjected to immense transitions and development of disease complications that have interfered with human life spans. Thankfully, incorporating prevention ideology as part of my nursing philosophies has always proved to be the most effective way of ensuring that my general career goals are met whatsoever.

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