Attention Getter: Do you enjoy coughing, sneezing, chills, and muscle aches? Of course not. Yet, these are only a few of the uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous effects of the flu.
Motivation for listening: Influenza can strike anyone and at any time, and becomes increasingly dangerous to contract as one gets older.
Revealing the topic: The only real way to protect yourself from contracting the flu is to receive your annual flu shot.
Establishing credibility: Everyone from doctors to academic researchers agree that a flu shot is worth it, and much of the information I will be sharing with you today has garnered their support.
Preview: I will be discussing with you the reality of what the flu vaccine has to offer, in hopes that you will come to your own informed conclusion as to whether or not you wish to vaccinate and protect yourself from the flu.
Transition: I’d like to start off by sharing some important facts about the flu and the flu vaccine.

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The most important thing to know about the flu is that it can be, and often is, a serious health issue. Hospitalizations and even death can occur as a result of acquiring the flu, especially among children and the elderly as well as those with compromised immune systems (Adams, 2018).
The flu shot significantly decreases the likelihood of contracting the flu, even though the vaccine is not 100% effective. In reality, no vaccine is 100% effective, and those that do contract the flu even after being vaccinated typically experience much milder cases of the illness (Adams, 2018).

Transition: It is also important to understand that being treated with any vaccine—the flu vaccine included—comes with potential risks and side effects.
The most common side effects of the flu vaccine are mild in nature, and include soreness around the injection site as well as mild flu-like symptoms (Adams, 2018).
The myth that the flu vaccine can cause far more severe health-related issues, such as the onset of autism, are overwhelmingly false with no real basis in scientific evidence.

Transition: A lot of people avoid vaccines as a result of a fear or hatred of injections, more so than they do because of side effects. Thankfully, scientific innovation has been working on addressing this issue.
A flu vaccine delivered through a nasal spray has been developed to address the problems that many have with receiving it through an injection (Scutti, 2018).
Called FluMist, this vaccine has been developed to ensure its effectiveness matches that of the traditional injection (Scutti, 2018).
Those with a fear of needles or of the potential soreness that can follow an injection now have a much easier to get vaccinated.

Transition: All available—and credible—evidence shows that the modern flu vaccine has been developed to ensure that it is safe, accessible, and effective in preventing influenza.

There are certainly some valid reasons to be uncomfortable with getting vaccinated for the flu. Avoiding the flu vaccine will not generally put the average person at serious risk, unless they fall into the risk categories for which influenza is most dangerous.
Still, the flu can be a very bothersome occurrence, and getting the flu shot makes a significant impact on keeping you protected. Now that you know the most important facts about the vaccine, you can and should make an informed decision about getting vaccinated!