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Diabetes Essay

Diabetes is one of the most chronic medical conditions across the globe. The medical condition is characterized with high levels of sugar the blood of the victims (MedlinePlus, 2014). The presence of diabetes in the victims is accelerated by numerous reasons. Some of the factors that lead to the diabetes...

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Diabetes in Adolescence

Diabetes is a growing problem in the world today. Type 2 diabetes has received a great deal of time in the media because of the prevalence of obesity related diabetes. However, Type 1 diabetes is an equally harrowing disease. Both can also affect young people making the rest of their...

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Ethical Dilemmas in the Advocacy Program

Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires heavy investment on refined medical and self-care. Management the condition by adopting preemptive measures and education is also surrounded by major challenges towards alleviation of the conditions related to diabetes. The possibility of a positive impact after advocating for such measures relies on...

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Psycho Educational Group Therapy For Children With Diabetes

Do children with diabetes demonstrate improved psychosocial scores and diabetic control after completing a psycho educational therapy group?Background Diabetes is one of the chronic conditions that are affecting children (McGill et al, 2004). A poor control of glycaemia leads to both short-term and long-term conditions. Therefore, in addition to maximum...

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Week Three: Literature Evaluation

The course of the literature review involved two databases: Ebsco Host and Pub Med. These two were selected due to the ability to filter the search criteria and the availability of multiple peer reviewed journal articles. The search criteria for both databases was limited to the English language, published within...

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Diabetes in Illinois

Simply put, diabetes is a disease that’s correlated to one’s blood sugar (Glucose) levels (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2014). If a person’s glucose levels are much higher than the average, there is a high chance that the individual has some form of diabetes (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2014). According to the National...

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Diabetes in the Minority Population

The topic I have selected is diabetes in the minority population. I have chosen this topic because it is of immediate relevance to nursing care, especially given increasing globalization which contributes to increasing diversity within the population. Given this increasing diversity, the need for culturally competent care likewise is increasing....

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Diabetes Among Adolescents

For youth with diabetes, managing glucose levels plays an important role in avoiding complications later in life. Finding ways to encourage youth to take control of their lifestyle and their diabetes plays an important part in the process. Husted and associates (2014) conducted a study that used a life-style approach...

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Type II Diabetes And Insulin Resistance

Patients with Type II Diabetes with Insulin Resistance should not immediately be prescribed insulin as the pancreas is working harder to produce insulin naturally but the insulin that is already present is not being properly utilized by the body. Instead, a diet and pharmaceutical regimen that focuses on the underlying...

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A Quality Improvement Program to Identify the Factors – Contributing to Self-Care in Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Abstract This paper considers my specialty focus and how it relates to my topic of choice for a nursing quality improvement program. The identified phenomenon of interest is the growing number of individuals with type 2 diabetes and the barriers that are present that prevent effective self-care. Predicted levels of...

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Impact of Diabetes among Aging African-Americans

IntroductionDiabetes affects 25.8 million people throughout the United States, about 8.3 percent of the population (Hawkins, 2015). Nearly 19 percent of African-Americans 20 years and older have diabetes and yet self-care is performed at a lower rate for this group (Kleier, 2014). African Americans have higher rates of diabetes and are...

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Diabetes Response Paper

From Ms. G’s clinical manifestations immediate and appropriate recommendations should be given to her to help her situation. She should elevate her leg, apply ice, and maintain an acceptable blood sugar level. Contrary to that, acetaminophen should help relieve her pain. She should also be supplemented with antibiotics as well...

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Children, Diabetes and Nutrition

IntroductionDiabetes is one of the most common medical conditions in the society today. The medical condition is characterized to be chronic, and it is associated with members of all age groups starting from children to the elderly. There are two types of diabetes that affect children, type 1 and type...

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Diabetes: A Lifestyle

When I was a teenager, I would experience above-average thirst and tiredness during the day. I also experienced unexplained weight loss. When I went to the hospital, the doctors diagnosed me with Type 1 diabetes. I remember sitting there and wondering why life was punishing me like that. The pain...

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Chronic Diabetes Health Plan – James Case Study

Current Level of PreventionThe patient, James, is currently suffering from Type 2 Diabetes but it has in the last year, progressed and become more serious in nature. James’ current level of prevention is very high (tertiary) as he continues to maintain a poor diet with limited exercise and is excessively...

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Diabetes Roller Coaster

1. The balance system is called the vestibular system. This is a complex series of canals located next to the part of the inner ear that is responsible for hearing. Both systems are controlled by fluid that moves through the canals and disturbs small crystals in the canals. As the...

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