Writing requires the ability to put contents together in a way that I can be understood by majority of audience. It is of the essence to note that the writer has to understand the target audience and the expectations of the audience about the content to be delivered. On the same note, one needs to practice writing more often to improve the quality of writing As Narsa puts it, there is the need to write down the purpose of writing as well as the analysis of the content to be delivered. This will help in understanding the expectations of the audience with the aim of writing the contents that meet the expectations of the audience. To improve the quality of your writing this semester, kindly take note of the clarity of the content and the relevance of the topic to write about. Improving the quality of writing requires extensive reading and mastery of the content to be delivered. For the purpose of ensuring that the quality is high, on needs to be clear, concise, and simple in terms of the presentation of the content.
I have gained a wealth of knowledge that I intend to apply at my workplace in the future. For instance, I have learned about the effective digital communication skills, which require one to make aesthetics a priority, maintain fresh contents, and use only the relevant content. Space is also critical in the use of digital contents. In this regard, the digital contents must contain only relevant information to the relevant audience rather than using irrelevant contents to occupy space meant for the right audience. Similarly, blogs, website wireframes, and ignite talks must be precise, clear and to the level of the target audience. The knowledge I have gained this semester about the effective digital communication, creative commons, and website wireframe will be critical in forming my workplace communication strategies.

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Anthony Ku – Discussion 7
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Anthony Ku talks about the communication from the website for Yanko Design Magazine. As he states, writing requires the ability to connect the audience to the original theme of the piece of work. More often than not, writing skills are portrayed by the writer’s ability to connect the reality in the audience and the theme of the piece of writing or the design in a website. For instance, when writing a piece of information on a website, it is prudent to ensure that the relevance of the information appeals to the audience by creating a theme that has meaning to the intended audience. When writing, it is of the essence to note the tone and the language that is understandable to the target audience, and ensure clarity of the points. Arrangement of the content into the right paragraphs is also a key aspect of writing that can help in producing high quality writing. The main points of the writing should form the basis of each paragraph to enhance the flow of the content.

I have learned a lot in digital communication this semester. First, I have noted that lumping too much information in a piece of digital content can have serious impacts on the work. In addition, the ability or produce work that can be scanned is prudent in digital communication as it gives the target audience the ability to transfer the information. The ability to retain the attention of the reader by creating a blog that has relevant content is an important aspect of digital communication. These skills will be instrumental in helping me to come up with the most effective digital communication that aims at building a strong and dependable teamwork at my workplace. It is also critical that I apply the knowledge gained in creating digital communication platforms that would be helpful in transforming society.

Melissa Madrid
Melisa chose to discuss a video in the Youtube called Clean Eating. As a writer, Melisa has pointed out critical aspecvts of writing that would help her in improving the quality of writing in future. First, writing needs a person that is keen on small facts that are brought in a piece of work. At times, writers use tiny details that carry more weight that the most conspicuous facts that can be spotted easily in a piece of work. Depending on the intended audience or readers, a writer may use writing techniques that catch the attention of the readers. These techniques may include use of appropriate words, pictures of photos and the right colors. The correct use of the available space is also another important aspect of improving the quality of writing. For instance, Melisa states that some people neglect the nutritional labels, hence the need to ensure that the labels are appropriately designed to attract the readers.

The knowledge I have gained in this semester is critical for my future career with regards to digital communication. It is important to note that I have learned how to design, use and maintain a digital communication with the aim of meeting the expectations of the audience. In most of the lessons I learned, there was the stress on the relevance and accuracy of the information put on the digital platform. I have also learned the need to ensure that the digital platform is used for the right information channeled to right audience. Clarity and being precise is key to effective digital communication. In case of the use of visual aids, it is critical to choose the right color scheme that is relevant to the theme of the content being presented. This will not only attract the readers, but also give them the sense of being part of the communication.