Owing to the wide array of stakeholders, it is reasonable for the firm to take advantage of online communication tools that distribute information to a global audience. As such, the digital communication tools, which allow the audience to transform from being passive consumers of health-related information to active stakeholders. To begin with, the social media platforms allow easy access to internet users, at all times of the day (Tiago & Veríssimo, 2014). Twitter is emerging as a popular outlet for information, necessitating firms to increase their online activity to generate a multitude of followers. The same network could be used to further distribute information through sharing posts and information relayed via HLM’s twitter handle. Twitter is so popular such that the US president generates publicity through contentious outbursts, which are regurgitated by mainstream media outlets.

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Alternatively, Facebook is another social media platform with billions of users throughout the world. HLM could quickly open a Facebook Page, which outlines upcoming health-related events as well as championing for healthy habits. Information ranging from dietary issues to complex disorders posted on the Facebook Page will elicit responses, where the global community gives feedback and testimonial accounts. It is also worth noting that business partners could easily notice the popularity of the website, which attracts more stakeholders to the ultimate benefit of the cause.

Another viable online marketing tool uses search engine optimizations (SEOs), which enable the HLM’s website to increase its visibility and web traffic in the long-term. SEOs work by taking advantage of keywords to redirect the internet user to the site (Amacıyla & Dijital, 2015). It means searching for health related information will quickly produce results with HLM’s website among them, increasing the online audience in the process. These online marketing strategies will change the awareness of the company, increasing its marketing efforts while at the same time increasing the number of stakeholders.

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