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Digital Marketing

Electronic Word of Mouth

1. Introduction Electronic word of mouth is a type of networking style that involves transferring messages through word of mouth and socialization. In this case, the information is often interesting and informative thereby making it travel at a faster rate than normal messages. The process has proved to be effective...

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Risk and Return: Lessons from Market History

The efficient market hypothesis (EMH) states that there is no way to "beat" the stock market since the market continuously adjusts price to reflect all available information. According to EMH it is best to invest in an index fund since in the long term it will incorporate all information. Ultimately,...

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New Old Campaign

1) Direct marketing canvassers with smart phones represent both the old and the new when it comes to campaigning. There are many strengths to the new technology. Smart phones allow individuals to more quickly canvass a larger area. They allow for real-time data, allowing the person doing the canvassing to...

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Digital Marketing Tools for Organizational Success

Owing to the wide array of stakeholders, it is reasonable for the firm to take advantage of online communication tools that distribute information to a global audience. As such, the digital communication tools, which allow the audience to transform from being passive consumers of health-related information to active stakeholders. To...

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Marketing Campaigns

A product that is under-marketed due to insufficient marketing campaigns is Microsoft’s smartphones. The exact marketing strategy used by Microsoft is unknown because the phones are only mentioned if and when mobile service providers mention one of the models while promoting their mobile plans. Unlike Apple and Samsung, there are...

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Is Social Media A Substitute Or An Addition Or The Traditional Marketing Tool?

The emergence of social media, also known as consumer-generated media has left a significant imprint on integrated marketing communications (IMC). This form of media includes a wide range of new online information sources (consumer service rating forums, consumer-to-consumer e-mails, Internet discussion boards, etc.) that often used for the purpose of...

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Marketing Lessons I Learned from T-Mobile

T-Mobile is the name for the subsidiary companies operating under a parent telecommunication company, Deutsche Telekom AG. T-Mobile is present in a number of countries including Poland, Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic and the United States (Kalb, Schwartz & Buscher, 2012). Founded in December 1999, T-Mobile has continued to thrive...

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Lessons I Learned About Mobile Marketing

As technology has advanced in recent years, mobile has become an essential aspect of the marketing strategy of many companies. Through mobile marketing, it is possible for a company to reach consumers more directly and differentiate itself from the competition, allowing it to gain a competitive advantage. One dynamic company...

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BMW Grand Strategy

According to the recent reports of the company and its publications in social media resources, BMW is planning to pursue electric car strategy and transformation of the organizational structure of the company. Since introduction of new series of BMW 2 in the United States and Europe, BMW approached to the...

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Advantages of Augmented Reality of Digital Media in Storytelling

Abstract The purpose of this research will be in analyzing and interpreting the current augmented reality market, as well as the overall existence of mainstays within the field of augmented reality. Given that technology has developed significantly over the last half century, new and innovative ways to tell stories and...

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Electronic & Digital Media Industry

Electronic and digital media plays an instrumental role in the communication of information. Through electronic and digital media, the world around us is ever-changing making us wonder if we can keep up with the technological advances. With the help of both electronic and digital media, communication has apparently been taken...

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The Importance Of Marketing Research

The process of research involves collecting and analyzing information about a product, event or a phenomenon. Marketing research, therefore, can refer to the gathering of information about the market trends, production, and speculation about the future of trading in a particular area of production. The information acquired through the research...

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Vortex Computers Marketing Plan

Vortex Computers has led successful traditional marketing campaigns but must now consider utilizing digital media and marketing to regularly engage current regions and expand. Currently, Vortex Computers has led against its competitors in Q6 within the Toronto, Tokyo, Paris, and Sao Paulo markets. It should utilize the evidence that cities...

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NYC Home Healthcare Digital Marketing Plan

When one thinks of the population of Downtown New York City, the neighborhood is often characterized by artsy, hipsters who are in their mid-twenties to early forties. It is also a favorite destination for party goers around the world. The medical needs of this neighborhood of New York City can...

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Online Marketing Trends

The appearance of Internet has created both numerous opportunities and challenges for businesses. This technology introduced new rules of the game. Businesses that successfully adopted them became ever more popular and profitable. On the other hand, the majority of ventures that remained loyal to the old business framework got lost...

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Marketing Challenges in a New Economy

The paper discusses the 2013 Forbes article “Airbnb and the Unstoppable Rise of the Share Economy” contributed by Tomio Geron to highlight the role and impacts of the shared economy on traditional economy and consumer value.The primary value of the share economy (also referred to as a sharing economy) consists...

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Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

It would be easy to assert that there are few similarities between digital marketing and traditional marketing. On the surface, digital marketing could be characterized as being far more dynamic, pervasive, and multifaceted when compared to more traditional marketing approaches like print ads or TV commercials. One has but to...

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Marketing Channels and the Types of Flows in Distribution

A marketing channel is a way a business delivers its products to the consumers. Manufacturers or producers have to choose between two ways direct or indirect marketing channels. Both ways have both advantages and disadvantages. The choice on which distribution channel to use is determined by the many factors including...

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The Future of Mideast Media: Will it Survive the Digital Age?

The brothers Julien and Alexandre Hawari, are co-CEO’s of Media-Quest Corps. This corporation publishes twelve magazines, and sixteen websites. Julien Hawari discusses the future of his media company, given the threat of the digital age, in an interview with Paul Crompton. Crompton asks Hawari if he believes that Media-Quest Corps...

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