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Digital Marketing

Is Social Media A Substitute Or An Addition Or The Traditional Marketing Tool?

The emergence of social media, also known as consumer-generated media has left a significant imprint on integrated marketing communications (IMC). This form of media includes a wide range of new online information sources (consumer service rating forums, consumer-to-consumer e-mails, Internet discussion boards, etc.) that often used for the purpose of...

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Marketing Lessons I Learned from T-Mobile

T-Mobile is the name for the subsidiary companies operating under a parent telecommunication company, Deutsche Telekom AG. T-Mobile is present in a number of countries including Poland, Netherlands, Austria, the Czech Republic and the United States (Kalb, Schwartz & Buscher, 2012). Founded in December 1999, T-Mobile has continued to thrive...

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Lessons I Learned About Mobile Marketing

As technology has advanced in recent years, mobile has become an essential aspect of the marketing strategy of many companies. Through mobile marketing, it is possible for a company to reach consumers more directly and differentiate itself from the competition, allowing it to gain a competitive advantage. One dynamic company...

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BMW Grand Strategy

According to the recent reports of the company and its publications in social media resources, BMW is planning to pursue electric car strategy and transformation of the organizational structure of the company. Since introduction of new series of BMW 2 in the United States and Europe, BMW approached to the...

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Advantages of Augmented Reality of Digital Media in Storytelling

Abstract The purpose of this research will be in analyzing and interpreting the current augmented reality market, as well as the overall existence of mainstays within the field of augmented reality. Given that technology has developed significantly over the last half century, new and innovative ways to tell stories and...

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