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Digital Marketing

Marketing Challenges in a New Economy

The paper discusses the 2013 Forbes article “Airbnb and the Unstoppable Rise of the Share Economy” contributed by Tomio Geron to highlight the role and impacts of the shared economy on traditional economy and consumer value.The primary value of the share economy (also referred to as a sharing economy) consists...

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Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

It would be easy to assert that there are few similarities between digital marketing and traditional marketing. On the surface, digital marketing could be characterized as being far more dynamic, pervasive, and multifaceted when compared to more traditional marketing approaches like print ads or TV commercials. One has but to...

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Marketing Channels and the Types of Flows in Distribution

A marketing channel is a way a business delivers its products to the consumers. Manufacturers or producers have to choose between two ways direct or indirect marketing channels. Both ways have both advantages and disadvantages. The choice on which distribution channel to use is determined by the many factors including...

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The Future of Mideast Media: Will it Survive the Digital Age?

The brothers Julien and Alexandre Hawari, are co-CEO’s of Media-Quest Corps. This corporation publishes twelve magazines, and sixteen websites. Julien Hawari discusses the future of his media company, given the threat of the digital age, in an interview with Paul Crompton. Crompton asks Hawari if he believes that Media-Quest Corps...

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