The case study ‘Digital Mindsets: Teachers’ Technology Use in Personal Life and Teaching’ by Ekaterina Tour unveils the importance of the technological literacy in boosting the education. The three leading figures in the methodological approach to the research comprise Lisa, Jodie, and Emma. First and foremost, the participants specialized in learning different techniques through technology. Each of the integrated technology in learning in different ways, which made their experiences diverse.

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As for me, Lisa proved to have the most digital mindset, as she integrated technology in micro-management and organization of everyday learning activities. For her, the technology became an integral and an organic part of the lifestyle. Even though she struggled to use all the aspects, facilitated by the technology use, she managed to find the balance between her real-life activities and the technology. As the balance became the critical aspect for her work done, the technique was best used to boost her digital mindset.

To me, Lisa is the most impressive character from the case study, as she acknowledges the role of digital mindset in facilitating her activities. She admits how substantially technology has changed her life in the past years and refers to both, personal and professional experience. Moreover, she adhered to the digital practices immediately and integrated the new literacies with the help of her mobile phone. A simple device which did not require much of the prior knowledge also empowered her family communication and helped the communication happen through the audio mode.

The essential use of digital devices by Lisa may serve as a source of inspiration to other characters who may doubt the beneficial role of technology. In addition to that, Lisa actively used the technology to reinforce her language skills and admitted that the technology could have a much faster effect on the knowledge boost.