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Being An Ambassador

When you think of Being An Ambassador, you think of a government official who is going to another country as a representative of their own country. You think of them as being diplomatic in their approaches with people who are from a different culture, and having them learn from each...

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Current Events and U.S. Diplomacy

A presidential doctrine is a law document on the agreement of a country constituting the attitudes, goals, and intentions of the country’s foreign affairs as outlined by the current president of the country. Most presidents’ former doctrines of their own in completion of the characterization of their foreign policy. Most...

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The Eisenhower Doctrine: Achieving Containment with Nuclear Weaponry and the CIA

Summary of the situation. It was the year 1957. The Cold War was raging. Tensions were increasing between the United States and the Russia over control of the Middle East. The Suez Canal was a critical reason that Russia wanted control of the Middle East. Eisenhower perceived that the Middle...

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Klemens von Metternich: Decisions in Diplomacy

Introduction Klemens von Metternich played a fundamental role in Austrian politics in the 19th century. Throughout his long career in Austrian government, von Metternich was a masterful diplomat. From an ambassador to a Prince and Chancellor, von Metternich ascended Austrian political spheres because of his outstanding contributions to the preservation...

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Diplomacy and Peace in Islam

One of the greatest academic, religious, and political debates in our day is the topic of whether Islam is a religion that actively promotes war or one that agitates for peace. Certainly, there are many examples in the world that would lead one to think that Islam is one of...

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