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Normative Orientation

Normative orientation essentially translates to how the individual's character and behavior are influenced by the standards of the surrounding culture. This is a powerful force, as conforming to norms in place within the culture is a deeply ingrained trait in most people from infancy. The standards of the society are...

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Majority – Minority

Farley states that racism has not only intentions, but also consequences. Racism can have severe effects on the society. These effects of racism are mostly seen on the people that are suffering from discrimination. From Farley’s arguments, it is evident that racism is a negative thing in the society. According...

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The Issue Of Religious Discrimination

In the religious discrimination case there are many different elements from both sides of the case that lead to the firing of the employee and therefore the employee bringing the case before the court. The plaintiff was employed by the defendant at McFatty Burger. As a devout Muslim her religious...

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Stop and Frisk on Steroids

A controversial criminal justice program has been called “stop and frisk.” The New York City, New York program has been the one predominantly in the news (New York Civil Liberties Union, 2014). However, programs that target minorities for profiling by law enforcement officers (LEOs) actually occur throughout the United States....

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Gender and Race in Othello: Feminism

It has been said that Shakespeare was a feminist, and on the surface, the thought may seem plausible, though a closer look at the female characters present within “Othello” reveals a different story. Desdemona, one of Shakespeare’s war brides, so categorized because she is “a woman who marries a serviceman...

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