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Attitude of two Generations with Homosexuality

Laramie is in Wyoming and it is a beautiful small town where the resident is friendly. They still have a pleased life until an appalling crime happened. On October 7, 1990, the victim, Matthew Shepard, was found in Laramie. It is not just a simplex homicide case but also related...

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Institutional Racism

Identity is a complex intermingling of many different factors. This is especially true in the context of racial identity, which although a part of identity in general, also represents its own set of challenges. Not only do individual people struggle with recognizing their own identity, but larger cultures do as...

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Muslim Discrimination In Indian Politics

IntroductionThe Hindus in India largely dominate the politics of India and regard the Muslims to be lesser people than them. Though the Muslims are one of the most established religions in the world, the Hindus do not recognise or appreciate this (Ahuja, 2004). There is thinking in the Arabic countries...

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Rebuttal To Soviet Claims That America Does Not Treat Minorities Well

The United States is often referred to as ‘the melting pot’ because of different ethnicities and races that American society is composed of. Indeed, the United States presents an interesting phenomenon of coexistence of different, at least seemingly, cultures. Yet, it is important to understand that differences often lead to...

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Reason I would accept to work with Malcolm X’s Organization of Afro-American Unity

The struggle for freedom is not a simple task, and it is something that everyone should focus on. To achieve freedom, commitment, sacrifice, and unity are essential. Leadership also plays an important role in airing people's grievances to the relevant authority. The freedom of the black people in America was...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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